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Every night when I go to bed I pray to the Lord: If You’re ready for me, I’m ready to go. It’s just so depressing to have to witness the hardship and pain the left and one man in particular have wrought upon my country and he’s got his foot jammed on the accelerator because he apparently thinks he hasn’t made people suffer enough. As if Obamacare wasn’t bad enough he plans to inflict cap-and-tax regulations through his assassins at the EPA to crush the coal industry completely and raise energy rates exponentially. Just because he can. Brownouts,blackouts,what does he care? As long as he can use the climate change hoax as a convenient excuse he can justify it in his own twisted mind.

There was a special hearing on the VA scandal last night and it went exactly the same as every other hearing. Officials had been pre-warned by the regime to say nothing. Stonewall. Keep your mouth shut and you’ll walk away from this clean. The GOP can’t do a damn thing to you.

Obama and Holder will protect you as long as you keep quiet. That’s the way this bag of bastards approaches every crime they commit. The GOP is calling for Holder-Himmler to investigate the VA. What the hell are they smoking? In what hallucinogenic state do they think that corrupt prick is going to do anything? Nothing is ever going to happen because even if democrats disapprove of what Obastard does they can’t say anything that would jeopardize the 95% loyalty from the parasite class that they would perish without.




So now they’re equating Rosa Parks and MLK with drag queens…lovely


Lord, hurry please.


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Just when you’d adjusted to the whole breathing air thing …

BABY Sibling horror

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Today’s SCRABBLE tip!

Block set up for Q


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It’s Throw Back Thursday!

These are from 1954 … little me and the chapel where I was baptized. 🙂

1954 Baby Chrissy

1954 Newman Chapel where C was baptized

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The Civility and Tolerance of the Left

Lefties complain that Fox News doesn’t hire enough minorities. So NATURALLY, when Fox hired a black female (actress Stacey Dash), Lefties piled on the congrats.  Just kidding.  They did what they always do, which is trash any female and/or black who dares to step off the Democrat Plantation.

Via Twitchy:

  • Stacey Dash joins Fox News. Because Fox News needed to be more clueless
  • fox news adds another coon newscaster
  • Congrats on your new token, Fox!
  • she truly thinks she’s a white woman
  • motherfucker’ll fit in well w/ all the other dummies
  • F Stacey Dash
  • Turncoat ass bitch
  • Ew! Truly USELESS Actress
  • Stacey Dash just pissed off my entire existence….MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE…who tf hurt her? why is she like this?
  • Somebody please help her get her life.
  • Stacey Dash is now with Fox News to offer cultural analysis? the jokes write themselves.
  • Lunatics follow lunatics.
  • how is Stacey Dash about to “contribute” to Fox News like straight-to-DVD black cinema aint pay some of them bills.

As per usual, the Leftists hashtag – #YesAllWomen – REALLY means #YesAllWomenNotConservative. But Stacey refused to be sucked into the hate fest. She tweeted this gem!

2014_05 28 Stacey Dash laughs at hate



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Must See Video: Exposing Planned Parenthood

Below is a TRULY SHOCKING six minute synopsis of Live Action’s six years of undercover investigations of the United States’ largest abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood. Those findings include:

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Racism
  • Deceptive and manipulative counseling
  • Sex trafficking help
  • False advertising and fraud
  • Sex-selective abortion
  • Lies about clinic safety

Lies, Corruption, and Scandal: Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood [6:00]

Live Action will hand-deliver a packet to every U.S. congressman and senator today, detailing the massive corruption our tax dollars help finance at Planned Parenthood. Read more @

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