Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act

May 21, 2014: The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed (390 to 33) the Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act. If the Senate passes and the President signs this bill into law, it would be much easier (read: possible) for the scandal-plagued VA to fire employees based on poor performance (read: clean out dead wood). YAYS were bipartisan; NAYS came from Democrats ONLY.

May 22, 2014: The day before Memorial Day weekend started, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked for the Senate to bring this bill to a vote.  Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) objected on behalf of Senate Democrats. As chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Sanders has the power to delay ANY action on this important bill INDEFINITELY. He says in the video below he is going to hold a HEARING …. in June.

Senate Dems Block Veterans Bill [:33]

Q. Guess who hates the idea of dead wood getting fired?
A. The UNION that protects said dead wood from accountability.

Q. Guess what Socialist Senator is owned by the UNIONS?
A. Bernie Sanders.

Remember back in 2009 when Democrats kept screaming about how Republicans opposed Obamacare because we supposedly WANTED people to DIE?

Democrat Alan Grayson Claims “Republicans Want You To Die” (:19)

May 15, 2014: Senator Sanders justified his “sit on all VA reform legislation until hell freezes over” policy by telling CNN “We know that people die every day.”

Sanders also claimed, “There are problems, and we have got to get at those problems. But we need the facts to lead us to where we want to go.” But Congress AND the TWO presidents have KNOWN SINCE 2005 that the VA was failing veterans by delaying care, wasting money and falsifying their records!

Sanders NEVER served in the military, so why is he CHAIR of the Senate’s Committee on Veterans Affairs? Because he votes the way Harry Reid tells him to vote. Officially, he is an Independent (not a Democrat), but he describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist” which means he’s not the centrist his Independent status might suggest, but rather a Progressive Obamacrat.


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