Setting the record straight

On Friday, May 23, 2014, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Isla Vista, California.

  • He STABBED three young men to death inside his apartment – Cheng Yuan Hong (20), Weihan Wang (20), and George Chen (19).
  • He SHOT one young man – Christopher Michael-Martinez (20) – inside a deli and two young women – Katie Cooper (22) and Veronika Weiss (19) on the street.

Those ever-ready to grab at a tragedy headline to score political points have been pushing the usual array of fact-challenged memes.

MYTH: It was a hate crime against WOMEN.
FACT: Four of his six victims were MALE.

MYTH: Rodger was a typical, overly-entitled WHITE dude.
FACT: Rodger was half-ASIAN.

MYTH: Rodger was an NRA nut who used GUNS to slaughter the innocent.
FACT: He killed his first three victims with a KNIFE.

MYTH: Rodger was a CHRISTIAN.
FACT: His manifesto is filled with HATRED, not religion. For example, he wrote that he planned to kill his little brother so as to deny “him of the chance to grow up to surpass me” and his stepmother, because “she will be in the way.”  He also planned to run down his “enemies” with his SUV, “shooting anyone I don’t splatter.”  “I will punish everyone. And it will be beautiful. Finally, at long last, I can show the world my true worth.”

MYTH: Rodger was a RIGHT-winger.
FACT: He subscribed to a LEFT-wing, liberal/progressive political and social commentary YouTube channel called The Young Turks.

MYTH: Rodger hated ALPHA MALES who got the girls who rejected him.
FACT: Based on the photos, at least two of the male victims were GEEKS.


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