Memorial Day

Memorial Day - Chaplains

Just a reminder: Memorial Day is specifically for remembering those who died while serving. I say this as a Blue Star mom who is deeply grateful to have NOT become a Gold Star mom. My kids have Veterans Day. Some of their best friends weren’t so lucky.

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  1. A little cross-pollination: Memorial Day post at Ace of Spades has some good tributes & moving memorials in the comments. As always; many good service members & related there.

    In a comment there, I asked:

    Almighty Commander of the Legions of Heaven, save our country, replace our misguided representatives, enshrine Constitutional Republicanism in the hearts of the citizenry, protect liberty’s defenders, and make their assigned missions rare, just, and swiftly won.

    I would here add, probably more appropo of the day:

    Great Comforter, strengthen and comfort those who have seen war, and all those who have lost friends and loved ones to battle.

    Your Will be done on earth as it is on heaven.

    Have a day, friends. 🙂