Getting at truth, not just settling for a fast answer

I think you’ll find the video and book linked here surprisingly interesting and even compelling.

The video interview with the author is worth your time. For example, the author said something profound, something I’ve read about in theology, but the example he gave was so BASIC, I felt like I only just now GOT the point – “Properties must exist in substance.” What he said was, “You have a blue shirt. You don’t have a blue, because properties (blue) must exist in substance (shirt).” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it! I have to buy this book!

EWTN Bookmark – 2014-5-25 – A Kid’s Introduction to Physics (and Beyond) [26:40]

From review @ – “Because it starts at the beginning with the simple things that we all learn as children through the senses and builds to explain where modern science comes in and how important it is, it truly gives the reader a big picture view of his place in the modern world. Furthermore, without the understanding given in this book, no Christian can have a mature understanding of his Faith. Indeed, absent an understanding of the material in this book, his Faith is placed in real danger of being confused.”

From Buy the book for $12 @ – “This book (70 pages softcover 6″x8” with 14 font) introduces young people to physics starting with their natural wonder about the things around them. It builds on their common sense, making it clear and precise, and shows them how to go from their common sense to the advanced method of modern science. Finally, it shows them the need for the Unchangeable Changer, without which there is nothing. It shows that only through knowing physics do we know about Him. It shows how this world proves that He exists and that He is the Source of all the changing things we see. Readers will learn that physics is the base science and thus essential to all of their thinking. The book is appropriate for children as young as sixth grade but is targeted for seventh and eighth grade. Kids in higher grades and even adults will also enjoy it.”

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