FIRST WORLD PROBLEM: A totally lame action sequence that takes you out of the story.

I just watched an episode of The Untouchables that had quite possibly the sorriest excuse for a car crash ever filmed. Two black and boxey cars, like the one on the right below, are racing along in a “good guys chase bad guys” sequence that called for the bad guys to crash, roll and burn.

Now you don’t go destroying vintage cars or even let them get close enough to a stunt explosion to maybe get damaged by flying debris. I get that. But they made NO EFFORT to make the stunt cars match! They didn’t even paint them a dark color, never mind stick a fake square-ish shape on top to fool the eye. The crash scene was quick, but I didn’t need to back up and slow mo to catch the change.

THEN I HAD to go back and slo mo to see if I had seen what I saw, which I did. Grumble. Grumble. Of course, when the show was made there was no such thing as DVDs, just live broadcast, which is practically Third World, KWIM? Fortunately, I have a remote. Can you IMAGINE the First World AGONY if I’d had to GET UP and WALK ACROSS TO THE DVD PLAYER to see the slow mo?! It makes my heart palpitate just thinking about it.

Untouchables roll

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  1. There’s a lot of funny stuff in the “it will go by too fast, one time, no one will ever notice” category from the days before home players, before re-runs, and when movies only came around once. Or, recent but just sloppy works.

    Is it kind-of similar with “continuity” in a long-running series. You’d think nobody would notice or care that you got some minor character’s home planet’s name “wrong,” but noooooo….

    We can cut some slack for interrupting our suspension of disbelief. (Your “I get it” point about not really wrecking vintage cars, for example.) The more realistic the medium, the less so, though. We’d not get much put off by a prop failure in a live stage performance, but in film, it would be a real speed bump: Star Trek, Amok Time? or some other episode, fight scene, the stand-in was so obviously not Shatner one wondered, “who’s that guy? where’d he come from? where’d Kirk go?” 😀