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It is at times like this I wish I possessed the God-given rhetorical skills to convey the depth of admiration and awe I hold our patriots in uniform in. What makes a person volunteer  to go through months of training and hardship that would break the will of most of us to do perform a duty that can put them in grave danger for pitifully small pay? They don’t do it for the money. That’s the part most liberals can’t understand. Theirs is a calling higher than merely what can I get while giving little or nothing?

Not to be underestimated are the families who go through day after day not knowing where or even how their loved ones are. They mark the days off on a calendar until they can once again throw their arms around their hero,see them hug the baby that was born while he was away,and the dogs going crazy because their beloved master has returned.

This day is dedicated to the millions of wives,parents and siblings that have looked out the window to see two uniformed officers coming up the walkway. Her throat hardens,her eyes start burning and she can’t speak because she knows why they’re there. ‘With sincerest regrets’…the rest is lost forever. He’s lost forever,doing what he thought was right. A gold star,a neatly folded tri-corner flag and a headstone are all that remains other than the heartfelt gratitude of all freedom-loving Americans.

It is a poverty that such noble warriors as these are now under the command of an incompetent shyster that can scarcely contain his scorn for the very military he uses as props for his own benefit then allows them to be treated shabbily by the administration whose function it purportedly is to bind up their wounds and make them as whole as possible. They paid for their medical care…in advance. That people who come across our border illegally to get what our soldiers have sacrificed for while they are made to wait until they die is beyond a national disgrace.

The battle against evil never ends. The assault on our freedoms by those who would take them from us is constant and we must never give up hope. To do so would be a betrayal of all that have preserved this precious gift with all they had. Tomorrow will come soon enough. For at least this one day let us reflect on all that we have…and who made it possible.









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Setting the record straight

On Friday, May 23, 2014, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Isla Vista, California.

  • He STABBED three young men to death inside his apartment – Cheng Yuan Hong (20), Weihan Wang (20), and George Chen (19).
  • He SHOT one young man – Christopher Michael-Martinez (20) – inside a deli and two young women – Katie Cooper (22) and Veronika Weiss (19) on the street.

Those ever-ready to grab at a tragedy headline to score political points have been pushing the usual array of fact-challenged memes.

MYTH: It was a hate crime against WOMEN.
FACT: Four of his six victims were MALE.

MYTH: Rodger was a typical, overly-entitled WHITE dude.
FACT: Rodger was half-ASIAN.

MYTH: Rodger was an NRA nut who used GUNS to slaughter the innocent.
FACT: He killed his first three victims with a KNIFE.

MYTH: Rodger was a CHRISTIAN.
FACT: His manifesto is filled with HATRED, not religion. For example, he wrote that he planned to kill his little brother so as to deny “him of the chance to grow up to surpass me” and his stepmother, because “she will be in the way.”  He also planned to run down his “enemies” with his SUV, “shooting anyone I don’t splatter.”  “I will punish everyone. And it will be beautiful. Finally, at long last, I can show the world my true worth.”

MYTH: Rodger was a RIGHT-winger.
FACT: He subscribed to a LEFT-wing, liberal/progressive political and social commentary YouTube channel called The Young Turks.

MYTH: Rodger hated ALPHA MALES who got the girls who rejected him.
FACT: Based on the photos, at least two of the male victims were GEEKS.


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What passes for leadership in the BizarrO White House

If the White House really wants to repair relations with Congress, the Obama administration should consider making nice rather than insulting them and wasting their time.

2014_05 20 Empty chair in Obama WH


Senator Corker Calls Meeting “One of the Most Bizarre I’ve Attended”

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Ten Democrat members: Robert Menendez (D-NJ, Chair), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Christopher Coons (D-DE), Richard J. Durbin (D-DE), Tom Udall (D-NM), Chris Murphy (D-CT), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Edward J. Markey (D-MA). 10 Dem

Eight GOP members: Bob Corker (R-TN, Ranking GOP Member), James E. Risch (R-ID), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), John McCain (R-AZ), John Barrasso (R-WY), Rand Paul (R-KY).


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FIRST WORLD PROBLEM: A totally lame action sequence that takes you out of the story.

I just watched an episode of The Untouchables that had quite possibly the sorriest excuse for a car crash ever filmed. Two black and boxey cars, like the one on the right below, are racing along in a “good guys chase bad guys” sequence that called for the bad guys to crash, roll and burn.

Now you don’t go destroying vintage cars or even let them get close enough to a stunt explosion to maybe get damaged by flying debris. I get that. But they made NO EFFORT to make the stunt cars match! They didn’t even paint them a dark color, never mind stick a fake square-ish shape on top to fool the eye. The crash scene was quick, but I didn’t need to back up and slow mo to catch the change.

THEN I HAD to go back and slo mo to see if I had seen what I saw, which I did. Grumble. Grumble. Of course, when the show was made there was no such thing as DVDs, just live broadcast, which is practically Third World, KWIM? Fortunately, I have a remote. Can you IMAGINE the First World AGONY if I’d had to GET UP and WALK ACROSS TO THE DVD PLAYER to see the slow mo?! It makes my heart palpitate just thinking about it.

Untouchables roll

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day - Chaplains

Just a reminder: Memorial Day is specifically for remembering those who died while serving. I say this as a Blue Star mom who is deeply grateful to have NOT become a Gold Star mom. My kids have Veterans Day. Some of their best friends weren’t so lucky.

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Getting at truth, not just settling for a fast answer

I think you’ll find the video and book linked here surprisingly interesting and even compelling.

The video interview with the author is worth your time. For example, the author said something profound, something I’ve read about in theology, but the example he gave was so BASIC, I felt like I only just now GOT the point – “Properties must exist in substance.” What he said was, “You have a blue shirt. You don’t have a blue, because properties (blue) must exist in substance (shirt).” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it! I have to buy this book!

EWTN Bookmark – 2014-5-25 – A Kid’s Introduction to Physics (and Beyond) [26:40]

From review @ http://www.goodreadingguide.com/Kid%E2%80%99s-Introduction-Physics-and-Beyond-Rizzi-Anthony/100058 – “Because it starts at the beginning with the simple things that we all learn as children through the senses and builds to explain where modern science comes in and how important it is, it truly gives the reader a big picture view of his place in the modern world. Furthermore, without the understanding given in this book, no Christian can have a mature understanding of his Faith. Indeed, absent an understanding of the material in this book, his Faith is placed in real danger of being confused.”

From Buy the book for $12 @ http://www.iapweb.org/store/kids.html – “This book (70 pages softcover 6″x8” with 14 font) introduces young people to physics starting with their natural wonder about the things around them. It builds on their common sense, making it clear and precise, and shows them how to go from their common sense to the advanced method of modern science. Finally, it shows them the need for the Unchangeable Changer, without which there is nothing. It shows that only through knowing physics do we know about Him. It shows how this world proves that He exists and that He is the Source of all the changing things we see. Readers will learn that physics is the base science and thus essential to all of their thinking. The book is appropriate for children as young as sixth grade but is targeted for seventh and eighth grade. Kids in higher grades and even adults will also enjoy it.”

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