Update on IRS targeting scandal

A year after the FBI supposedly launched a “vigorous” investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals, the FBI has not indicted A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL. Not one. And victims have told Cruz they have NOT BEEN INTERVIEWED by the FBI. That’s “vigorous”? VIGOROUSLY COVERING DEMOCRAT ASSES?

Sen. Cruz Questions FBI Director James Comey on IRS Investigation

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  1. Sic ’em, Ted! (Thanks, chrissie.)

    This guy just says he can’t say, can’t talk about. They’ve learned how to answer better than when the director of the FBI knew nothing.

    Link is to my slapdash video mockery from 2013 Jun 14.

    BTW, on here, I link to vids, both mine and other folks’, rather than embed. It’s not because I’m trying to drive hits to my lonely site or anything. 😉 I’m just not always sure whether it would be appropriate — for whatever reasons — to embed. When I’m confident it would be okay, I’ll embed, like the replacement baby moose vid. But ye PoliNators are always welcome to use my graphics and vids here yourselves, and even to edit my comments to turn a link into an embed if you feel so inclined. FTR