This makes me sad

It’s crap like this that makes people like me lose faith in the system.

2014_05 23 Activist judge puts Conyers on ballot

The judge was appointed by President Obama last year. What a shock. Not. Clearly, rules are for the peasants and by “peasants” I mean “Conservatives.”



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2 responses to “This makes me sad

  1. You know, I might be willing to side with bending the rules when it seems a decent thing. I support real-world flexibility — it’s why we have human judges, not automatons.

    Incumbent failed to get enough signatures because somebody miscounted, but you know they could’ve? Technical oversight. Close enough. Both sides could shrug and say, yeah, ok, on with the debates.

    Here in Okla., Republicrats and Demoplicans have suppressed 3rd-party candidates for many years with absurdly high requirements, so on this issue of ballot access, I’d be especially willing to flex.

    Except, of course, the scandal is, as in this case, Regressive Justice has one eye peeking out and a fat thumb on the scales, so it is not evenhanded.The Other party might get the hammer even if they had abundant signatures.

    Which is kinda why we’re supposed to stick to the rules, as a rule….

    Did I go full circle there, or just 180°?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Full circle. IF the rules are enforced evenly, it doesn’t matter if they’re sticklers for every jot and tittle OR a little sloppy and willing to let a bit of grace in where the difference is minute. The point is EVERYBODY is held to the SAME STANDARD.