My smoking hair

The HEADLINES about the VA scandal have been making my hair stand up and smoke. I couldn’t bear to read the stories until Dearest talked to our Rep. Tom Reed and learned VA services in our area appear to be good. Phew. I’ve got a kid who uses them for a war injury. My heart goes out to those who are NOT getting care, but relieved my inner Mama Grizzly can calm down and take a BREATH about one piece of good news. Plus, my hair.

Leading liberals have long touted the VA as an efficient model of government-run health care.

  • In 2009, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, wrote, “The system for veterans is by all accounts one of the best-performing and most-cost-effective elements in the American medical establishment.”
  • In 2011, New York times columnist Paul Krugman called the VA a “huge success story.”

Yeah, right.

  • Whistleblowers have now identified 26 VA facilities around the country experiencing similar problems. One says illegal dealing of VA pharmaceuticals was a daily occurrence at his hospital.
  • In Los Angeles, federal bureaucrats tried to cover up their decade-long backlog by simply canceling 40,000 diagnostic tests and treatments for American veterans with cancer and other illnesses.
  • One veteran who had a small spot on his forehead confirmed as cancerous in 2011, but was forced to wait four months before having it removed, by which time, it had spread and has since killed him.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives has passed a DOZEN VA reform bills; they’re all gathering dust in the Democrat-dominated Senate.

GOP Rep: House Passed VA Bills Collecting Dust On Reid’s Desk

My FOX news update email said the VA scandal “has become a crushing burden for vulnerable Democrats.”

Good! I hope it squashes the corruptocrats FLAT.


Apologies for my lack of attention to this regular feature. This subject upsets me so much, I was literally SHAKING by the end of my blogging day on Saturday. Keeping track of where I read what just didn’t happen.


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2 responses to “My smoking hair

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “The VA problem is not Shinseki, it’s socialism. The Veterans Affairs health-care system is completely government run. It is a pure single-payer program. National Review editor Rich Lowry calls it “an island of socialism in American health care.” He is right. I’ve been arguing this all week.”


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    May 21, 2014 – Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper on the VA wait-list scandal

    Miller mentions the Phoenix VA director who got an $8500 bonus (on top of her $169,900 salary and super-sized benefits package). Update on that is she has had the bonus rescinded. That wrist slap is based solely on the press finally exposing the problem and embarrassing the Obamacratocracy than on her abject failure to do her job.