I’m sorry but … what does this even mean?

I am not making this up. Democrats cooked up this bumper sticker idea and posted it on Twitter to get votes. What does “LIKE A BOSS” even mean? Plus, I thought we were supposed to #BanBossy … or something.

2014_05 23 Obama bs Like a boss

Well deserved Twitter mockery ensued:

  • Ooo, look – we desperately want to look cool and hip!
  • A REAL boss gives credit and takes responsibility. Obama takes credit and shifts blame.
  • Given how Dems run away from him it should be “like an albatross”
  • A REAL boss works longer hours and takes fewer vacations. Obama does the opposite.
  • They misspelled DOLT.
  • A REAL boss does not find out what is happening under his watch by reading headlines.
  • They left off LIES.
  • A REAL boss who ran the business into the ground would’ve been fired by the stock holders.
  • More “Like A Cult” than #LikeABoss.
  • A REAL boss says, “The buck stops here.” Obama says, “It’s Bush’s fault.”
  • He’s the kind of boss whose rich daddy pays him to stay out of the office.
  • He is not a REAL boss, but he pretends he is when he’s on TV.

Like a Boss - Dept of VA

Photoshoppers got in on the fun as well:


PARODY Worst boss ever



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6 responses to “I’m sorry but … what does this even mean?

  1. Of course, I climbed on the BO-bashing bandwagon. Mine are even actually for sale. With more versions going up today, if I can get to it.


  2. “What does this even mean?”

    I’m not entirely sure of the phrase’s origins, much less its applicability to BHO, but this music video seems appropriate (language & mild scat humor warning, so I’m linking not embedding).

    Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) – Uncensored Version

    h/t Mr. Feverhead on Ace of Spades


    • chrissythehyphenated

      IOW, just more of the “celebrity presidency” which is the only thing he seems to actually be any good at. Cuz I mean … forget all the actual presidential stuff like leadership and diplomacy, this sports fan isn’t even good at anything sports related except back slapping people who are actually good at sports. His picks always lose. His golf swing has obvious flaws. And don’t get me started on his baseball pitching!


  3. Violet

    ‘Like a boss’ is a (very old) meme. I looked it up on the ‘know your meme’ database: Like A Boss is a catchphrase often used in image macros or GIFs that feature a person completing an action with authority and finesse.

    Which makes the Obama ‘like a boss’ meme even more hilarious, since I cannot think of one single thing the big zero has accomplished with anything even remotely resembling finesse.

    OTOH, when I was in people management, the word to strive for was ‘leader’. A ‘boss’ in my corporate culture is a micromanaging, bullying incompetent who drives lackluster performance. A leader is someone who inspires great performance by taking responsibility, and setting a positive example for subordinates. In this sense, zero is very much ‘like a boss’.