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I’m sorry but … what does this even mean?

I am not making this up. Democrats cooked up this bumper sticker idea and posted it on Twitter to get votes. What does “LIKE A BOSS” even mean? Plus, I thought we were supposed to #BanBossy … or something.

2014_05 23 Obama bs Like a boss

Well deserved Twitter mockery ensued:

  • Ooo, look – we desperately want to look cool and hip!
  • A REAL boss gives credit and takes responsibility. Obama takes credit and shifts blame.
  • Given how Dems run away from him it should be “like an albatross”
  • A REAL boss works longer hours and takes fewer vacations. Obama does the opposite.
  • They misspelled DOLT.
  • A REAL boss does not find out what is happening under his watch by reading headlines.
  • They left off LIES.
  • A REAL boss who ran the business into the ground would’ve been fired by the stock holders.
  • More “Like A Cult” than #LikeABoss.
  • A REAL boss says, “The buck stops here.” Obama says, “It’s Bush’s fault.”
  • He’s the kind of boss whose rich daddy pays him to stay out of the office.
  • He is not a REAL boss, but he pretends he is when he’s on TV.

Like a Boss - Dept of VA

Photoshoppers got in on the fun as well:


PARODY Worst boss ever



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This makes me sad

It’s crap like this that makes people like me lose faith in the system.

2014_05 23 Activist judge puts Conyers on ballot

The judge was appointed by President Obama last year. What a shock. Not. Clearly, rules are for the peasants and by “peasants” I mean “Conservatives.”



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MSNBC’s Touré’s puddle of prejudice

2014_05 23 Touré's vile anti-Holocaust tweet

Touré is also a 9-11 Truther. Big surprise. Not.

Some of the (non-scatalogical) tweets responses:

  • What are the chances that MSNBC would hire a guy who hates white people and Jews? (Hint: 100%)
  • The fact that @Toure can say something that stupid and offensive (and still be paid to give his opinion after) is called liberal privilege.
  • @Toure Just wondering if you tweeted this from first class.
  • So with @TheRevAl & @Toure, @msnbc is basically the anti-Semite network.
  • Just when you think Touré can’t get any more condescending and despicable, he finds a way to outdo himself.
  • There was a time when you had to turn over rocks to find this kind of ugly lunacy. Now it’s on your TV.
  • To my dear Jewish-American fellow citizens… when are you going to realize the Left hates you?
  • Black privilege: “Getting a pass on all racist, anti-Semitic, hateful, bigoted comments because of, well, by golly, because of . . . . drum roll, please . . . SLAVERY!”
  • In his case, it’s more like “Get paid to make racist, anti-Semitic …. “

DUCT TAPE Muffles stupid



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Update on IRS targeting scandal

A year after the FBI supposedly launched a “vigorous” investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals, the FBI has not indicted A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL. Not one. And victims have told Cruz they have NOT BEEN INTERVIEWED by the FBI. That’s “vigorous”? VIGOROUSLY COVERING DEMOCRAT ASSES?

Sen. Cruz Questions FBI Director James Comey on IRS Investigation

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Successful Black Sportscaster Spoke Truth to Power

And got SLAMMED for it.  Was he cowed?  Not one whit.  You have to take time to watch this video!

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: My Position on Mark Cuban’s Comments is Unchanged [6:59]

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My smoking hair

The HEADLINES about the VA scandal have been making my hair stand up and smoke. I couldn’t bear to read the stories until Dearest talked to our Rep. Tom Reed and learned VA services in our area appear to be good. Phew. I’ve got a kid who uses them for a war injury. My heart goes out to those who are NOT getting care, but relieved my inner Mama Grizzly can calm down and take a BREATH about one piece of good news. Plus, my hair.

Leading liberals have long touted the VA as an efficient model of government-run health care.

  • In 2009, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, wrote, “The system for veterans is by all accounts one of the best-performing and most-cost-effective elements in the American medical establishment.”
  • In 2011, New York times columnist Paul Krugman called the VA a “huge success story.”

Yeah, right.

  • Whistleblowers have now identified 26 VA facilities around the country experiencing similar problems. One says illegal dealing of VA pharmaceuticals was a daily occurrence at his hospital.
  • In Los Angeles, federal bureaucrats tried to cover up their decade-long backlog by simply canceling 40,000 diagnostic tests and treatments for American veterans with cancer and other illnesses.
  • One veteran who had a small spot on his forehead confirmed as cancerous in 2011, but was forced to wait four months before having it removed, by which time, it had spread and has since killed him.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives has passed a DOZEN VA reform bills; they’re all gathering dust in the Democrat-dominated Senate.

GOP Rep: House Passed VA Bills Collecting Dust On Reid’s Desk

My FOX news update email said the VA scandal “has become a crushing burden for vulnerable Democrats.”

Good! I hope it squashes the corruptocrats FLAT.


Apologies for my lack of attention to this regular feature. This subject upsets me so much, I was literally SHAKING by the end of my blogging day on Saturday. Keeping track of where I read what just didn’t happen.


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