Obamacracy: It ain’t pretty

DEMOCRAT World we live in

Mona Charen’s article about campus barbarism is really worth reading all the way through.

A Blow to Campus Barbarism By Mona Charen – May 23, 2014


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3 responses to “Obamacracy: It ain’t pretty

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    From my FOX News email update:

    Discussing the Veterans Affairs Scandal on “Special Report with Bret Baier”, Charles Krauthammer said Obama “can’t run away from this. On the other scandals the Democrats would sit it out, or pretend there wasn’t a scandal, call it a witch hunt, call it partisan and the press would join with the Democrats and that would be it. Here the Democrats have been screaming very loudly. Loud complaints from many democrats, some on the floor of the Congress and that being the case there is nowhere to hide on this.”



  2. Pistol Pete

    It would seem that the democrats are like soldiers under the command of a completely incompetent and uncaring general.They are ordered to charge again and again,knowing their sacrifice will eventually be their demise.
    They called down the thunder when they pushed an immoral and completely useless boob strictly because of his skin color.Now they pay the price.