Gun bans invite crime

One (of many) reasons I prefer to have dogs is that they bark at outside noises. I read a news story once about a dog that had gone all barky in the middle of the night, then the next day, the homeowner found one of his window screens had been tampered with AND his dog-less next door neighbor had been robbed.

Do the math.  Now add the insane STUPIDITY of posting “No Guns Here” signs on your property!  I wonder how insurance companies feel about extending coverage to people who are stupid enough to INVITE criminals to come rob them.

No weapons sign on  The Pit Authentic Barbecue, Durham

H/t Pistol Pete


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2 responses to “Gun bans invite crime

  1. Violet

    We have two signs on our door: “we don’t dial 911” and “never mind the dogs, beware of owner.”