Again with the race card

Text by Mychal Massie – January 20, 2014

In case you missed it, evil white people don’t “wike poor wittle barry (sniffle-sniffle).”

2013 GALLUP BHO approval drop

Well, that’s Obama’s take on it. He told the New Yorker magazine “there’s was no doubt” white racists are the reason for his falling poll numbers. Ever ready to use race to polarize us he continued saying that there were some (read most) blacks and maaaayyyybeeee “some white folks” who really, really, liked him.

I’m glad he didn’t say all blacks albeit from his comment it is clear he meant “all blacks” without saying “all blacks” because personally I don’t like him, his wife, or his policies.

How insufferably self-serving of him to try to emote hostilities and more overt antipathy by playing the race card. I’ll have to rinse my mouth out after addressing him this way but, Mr. President, it’s not the color of your skin that make I and others condemn you. It is your craven fecklessness and unmitigated dishonesty. It is your pernicious mendacity and your contempt for America.

OBAMA Not done lying yet

I say if Obama placed as much concern on the things that made America great as he does his wife’s over-the-top taxpayer funded vacation junkets/shopping sprees, his golf game, and lying to the American people perhaps his approval numbers would be better.

What a disgraceful exhibition of denial for him to foment racial discord. Instead of raising America to new heights, he chose instead to raise abortion, homosexuality, failed European socialist programs, worldwide turmoil, and commonality to new heights.

As I said in an on-air interview today, “Even if every voting age black person in America voted for him, they wouldn’t be anywhere close to enough votes to elect him. White people cast the majority of votes to elect him.”

Some leader he is. “Wittle barry sits sucking his thumb and saying boohoo, they don’t wike me.” Well Barry, that part is true we don’t like you. But it’s because of acts like this not because of your skin color.

RACE CARD over limit

Another black leader said essentially the same thing on Greta Van Susteren’s show.

“Jan 2014: Reverend to Obama: You’re BLACK, So What? … Do Your JOB, Mr President!!!”


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