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Following the birth of a child there are at least three significant milestones in their lives that caring parents/grandparents look forward to:

1. graduation

2. marriage

3. the birth of their first child.

Our granddaughter Jessica is 18 years old.

She is not married.

She is not pregnant (so we haven’t had to bail her dad out of jail yet).

She did finish her studies and will be receiving her diploma tomorrow. Things did not come as easily for her as it did for some of us,but she persevered and reached her goal. We are so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. She’s always had a penchant for dyeing her hair neon colors like electric blue,bubble gum pink and Obama-lips purple. Hopefully her hair is its natural color tomorrow. Time will tell.

Mindful recalled a grannyism yesterday and I got to thinking its been awhile.

Typical conversation at Granny’s would be as follows:

‘Granny,I want a dollar.’

‘People in hell want ice water.’

‘Will you drive me to the store?’

‘Walking ain’t crowded.’

‘I want chicken for supper instead of pork chops.’

‘There are two choices on the menu every night…take it…leave it. I’m not running a restaurant. Supper’s at six. If you’re here you eat. If you’re not you don’t. It’s not complicated.’

‘You must be twins because one person can’t be that stupid.’

‘I’ll be switched and the hay ain’t pitched.’

‘I’ll slap you so hard your kids will be born dizzy.’

‘If wishes were horses beggars would ride.’

‘How come there are so many more horse’s asses than there are horses?’

(that one was grampa’s)

This was just how granny showed she loved us without getting too emotional.

In all my years with her I only heard her drop the F-bomb once…but that’s another story.














Casual Friday


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Word Hints
ACEROLA play 1

ACEROLA play 2

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The malleable morals of the Left

And let’s NOT forget the most important thing … if your special interest group has the money to keep me in power, I will say and do whatever you want.

Jesse Jackson on abortion

Hillary Clinton on gay marriage

Now that believing in traditional marriage has been redefined by the Left as an “extreme homophobic agenda”, Clinton has switched sides. But then, she never met a principle she wasn’t willing to adopt or forswear if it served her one and only true agenda … herself.

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Again with the race card

Text by Mychal Massie – January 20, 2014

In case you missed it, evil white people don’t “wike poor wittle barry (sniffle-sniffle).”

2013 GALLUP BHO approval drop

Well, that’s Obama’s take on it. He told the New Yorker magazine “there’s was no doubt” white racists are the reason for his falling poll numbers. Ever ready to use race to polarize us he continued saying that there were some (read most) blacks and maaaayyyybeeee “some white folks” who really, really, liked him.

I’m glad he didn’t say all blacks albeit from his comment it is clear he meant “all blacks” without saying “all blacks” because personally I don’t like him, his wife, or his policies.

How insufferably self-serving of him to try to emote hostilities and more overt antipathy by playing the race card. I’ll have to rinse my mouth out after addressing him this way but, Mr. President, it’s not the color of your skin that make I and others condemn you. It is your craven fecklessness and unmitigated dishonesty. It is your pernicious mendacity and your contempt for America.

OBAMA Not done lying yet

I say if Obama placed as much concern on the things that made America great as he does his wife’s over-the-top taxpayer funded vacation junkets/shopping sprees, his golf game, and lying to the American people perhaps his approval numbers would be better.

What a disgraceful exhibition of denial for him to foment racial discord. Instead of raising America to new heights, he chose instead to raise abortion, homosexuality, failed European socialist programs, worldwide turmoil, and commonality to new heights.

As I said in an on-air interview today, “Even if every voting age black person in America voted for him, they wouldn’t be anywhere close to enough votes to elect him. White people cast the majority of votes to elect him.”

Some leader he is. “Wittle barry sits sucking his thumb and saying boohoo, they don’t wike me.” Well Barry, that part is true we don’t like you. But it’s because of acts like this not because of your skin color.

RACE CARD over limit

Another black leader said essentially the same thing on Greta Van Susteren’s show.

“Jan 2014: Reverend to Obama: You’re BLACK, So What? … Do Your JOB, Mr President!!!”


Mychal Massie @ https://www.facebook.com/mychalmassie/posts/743609402316572


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Google Stalking the Number of the Beast

The number of the Beast is named only once, in Revelation 13:18. It is usually given as 666, but some ancient Greek texts give it as 616.

In some manuscripts, the number is written out literally – ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἕξ = pron. hexakósioi hexēkonta héx = meaning six-hundred sixty six.  (TRIVIA: Fear of the number 666 is hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.)

In other manuscripts, the number is written in Greek numerals.

Greek numerals 600, 60, 10, 6

Below are two 3d century examples of papyrus manuscripts, one that has 666 and one that has 616. Since Greek used letters to also stand for numerals, numerals have a line over the top.

P47 late 3d c ms 666 Byz txt

P115 late 3d c ms 616 Byz txt

The 4th c. Greek manuscript known as Codex Vaticanus (because it is owned by the Vatican) is widely considered to be the most important of all the early manuscripts of the Christian Bible. In the 19th c., a facsimile edition was printed to give scholars access to the contents of this unique and fragile book.

Codex Vaticanus Rev 13 18 666

Former Muslim Walid Shoebat says that when he saw the symbols for 666 in the Codex Vaticanus, he saw “In the name of Allah” written in Arabic beside the crossed swords of Islam.  [See the video posted @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/more-insight-into-the-mark-of-the-beast/.%5D

666 and Bismallah

As I noted in my May 18, 2014 blog, I think the Holy Spirit provided all three interpretations for our benefit. In other words, it’s not 616 or 666 or In the name of Allah. It’s all three.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the 616 and 666 angle. I doubt I’ll ever have much to say about Islam, since I know next to nothing about it. But I did see one interesting possibility in Shoebat’s interpretation.

A year ago, I wrote about why I believe the “Millennium” refers to the Age of the Gentiles, from the death of Jesus until the beginning of the final Week of the Jews. I explained my reasoning @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/why-i-think-the-millennium-is-now/.

There was one passage in Revelation that (as I noted) did not fit with my interpretation:

Revelation 20:4 “I saw the souls of those … who had not worshiped the beast or its image nor had accepted its mark on their foreheads or hands. They came to life and they reigned with Christ for a thousand years.”

If accepting the mark of the beast on forehead or hand is strictly a final Week of the Jews thing, then my “Millennium is now” interpretation has a real problem. However, if Shoebat is correct that one meaning for the beast’s mark is this Muslim thing … well, that’s been around for more than a thousand years, which neatly does away with my little problem.



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