MUST WATCH VIDEO for anyone interested in the fracking debate

“Expose: Hollywood’s War on US Energy”

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas expose the truth about the dark funding behind Hollywood’s anti-fracking messaging machine.

An undercover journalist from Project Veritas posed as a member of a Middle Eastern oil dynasty and offered $9 million to American filmmakers to fund an anti-fracking movie for the express purpose of protecting Middle East billionaires from competition from American energy producers.

Ed Begley Jr., Mariel Hemingway and Josh and Rebecca Tickell all agree to take the money and hide the source of funds.

Sample Dialogue:

“Muhammad”: “My client’s interest is to end American energy independence; your interest is to end fracking. And you guys understand that?”

Josh Tickell: “Correct. Yes, super clear. We would never tell about where the funding is coming from. That would be really awkward for us. We’re confident that we can keep this zip locked, you know tight, air-tight forever. If we don’t protect who is kind of funding this thing, if we have to disclose that or that becomes a necessary part of it, the whole enterprise will not work. Money to us doesn’t have a moral vibration.”

Rebecca Tickell explains in detail how their connection to, which is sponsored by the anti-American Progressive George Soros. She also named groups they know that would be appalled by Middle Eastern Big Oil funding. She explains how she and Josh would happily CON these groups to sign on and sponsor the film WITHOUT knowing where it’s funding originated.


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