Clay Aiken and Democrat Civility

2012_10 26 Clay Aiken - punch Ann Coulter

Other deleted tweets that SooperMexican found in the internet archives:

  • @clayaiken: Since Ann Coulter says it’s ok 2 b offensive when describing people, let’s “C” what words we can use 2 describe her!
  • @clayaiken There r a few people n the audience at the #SOTU look like they need 2b punched n the throat!
  • @clayaiken: @LisaLampanelli @tyrabanks @KChenoweth As promised… I’m twitting my very first twat to YOU.

[N.b., “twat” is vulgar slang for a woman’s genitals.]

He’s running for Congress? Oh wait. This is 2012. Of COURSE he’s running for Congress.


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One response to “Clay Aiken and Democrat Civility

  1. Pistol Pete

    Why is it that two words that seem to describe democrats are:vulgar and classless?