When did religious freedom become an “extreme agenda”?

Kelly File tries to have a DIALOGUE on this subject, but the liberal can’t shut UP long enough to let the conservative SPEAK. I HATE it when people TALK OVER each other and loved Dana’s snark, “You’ll learn more if you keep your mouth shut.” LOL  Sad truth is, Leftists don’t want to learn anything from anyone who disagrees with them.  They just want to SILENCE us.

H/t Pistol Pete


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2 responses to “When did religious freedom become an “extreme agenda”?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I could really like it if the guests’ mikes were turned OFF when the other side is talking. Keep the time on and off fair and balanced, but STOP the wasted time of them yapping over each other. So many of these shows end up with this unproductive cross-talk. It’s hardly worth watching any of them. I only watched this cuz I like Dana, but even so, I ended up wanting to throw a shoe at the screen.