Howard Dean is a total jerk

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean says Republicans aren’t American. Silly me. I thought I had to be an American BEFORE I could register Republican. Do we really need to ask the question, “What would happen if a Republican had said this about Democrats?”

How GOP robs people of right to vote



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4 responses to “Howard Dean is a total jerk

  1. The loony left in my state is making the same accusations about Scott Walker. Almost every web page I click on these days has an ad telling me to FIRE SCOTT WALKER!! — complete with a convenient little link I can click to donate to his democrat opponent (at least I assume that’s where it leads) — because the nefarious Gov. Walker supposedly wants to prevent people from voting. How many times do we have to debunk this ridiculous argument? Sometimes I wish they’d come up with a new slur, just because this one is getting so monotonous.

    Oh, and Howard Dean is a halfwitted jackass. Sorry Chrissy, but “total jerk” is just way too polite. 🙂


  2. Pistol Pete

    Maybe I can throw in my .02;
    Had I been in the audience I’d have stood up and screamed:’you’re a liar and a fraud,you sanctimonious prick!’
    I try to never deprive myself of an emotional outlet.


  3. What else did you expect from Howard Dean, former Dem presidential candidate and chairman of the DNC? I applaud the guy for continuing to bring it to the enemy, i.e. us.

    I can’t believe conservatives still haven’t figured out we’re in a culture war and a race war. All our side does is whine online, while they go to rallies and scream we’re not Americans in front of adoring and agreeing throngs.

    Until we get boots on the ground — until Pistol Pete, whose contributions I love and read daily, actually DOES get in somebody’s face instead of railing online about what he woulda-shoulda-coulda if he were there, by gum — until we stop being merely REactive and become PROactive, I’m afraid our relentless discontent isn’t going to carry us very far.

    They’re Communists (or as I like to say, the Kool Kids Kommie Klub or KKKK, the extra K means extra flavor!) We’re all sitting around waiting for someone to organize the troops, like Breitbart used to do, or Agnew did years ago with his call-out to the Silent Majority. Lots of us thought it might be Palin, until she decided to sell out to reality TV programming.

    Criticizing Howard Dean is like complaining your dog can’t learn geometry.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Since Pete and I are both home-bound by life-threatening and disabling chronic illnesses, I think what we’re doing IS “boots on the ground.”

      Thomas Paine didn’t do a whole lot more than write pamphlets, but George Washington considered him vital to the cause.

      Jane, it’s nice you know all about Howard Dean’s past. But you don’t see my email, so you maybe you don’t realize I have readers who don’t know and who actually depend on and are grateful to stupid old me to educate them.

      Unless you consider trashing our hard work to be your contribution to the cause, maybe you could put some of that energy into getting your own boots on the ground.

      I don’t intend to read any more of your comments.