The Clown in the Senate

In the June 2 issue of National Review:

“If America needs a(nother) good reason to hand Democrats their heads come November, then they would do well to study the career of Harry Reid (D.,Ritz-Carlton), the Sheriff of Nottingham to Barack Obama’s Prince John.”

2014_06 National Review cover - Clown Reid

There are 53 Democrats in the Senate, plus two nominal independents who associate with them, and this clown caucus has chosen, since 2007, to place itself under the malignant leadership of Harry Reid, Washington’s answer to Frankenstein’s monster — stitched together out of the worst bits of Roger Chillingworth, Joe McCarthy, and Droopy — a teacup tyrant who has filled his own pockets to the tune of $10 million while decrying the allegedly baleful influence of the wealthy on politics, a man who has done violence to ethical standards left and right, using campaign funds for personal expenditures and trying to hide payments channeled to his granddaughter, who takes to the Senate floor to make patently false, malicious, and increasingly loopy claims about his political rivals, and who is leading a partisan assault on the Bill of Rights.

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  1. Pistol Pete

    He won reelection by running against the weakest candidate they could manipulate for him and still had to have the SEIU rig the voting machines in Calrk Cpunty,the only county in the whole state he won.