The incredible witness of Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. His testimony here is amazing. Truly jaw dropping. I urge you to find the time. Bring tissues. And listen to the end. The last few minutes are priceless.

Jim Caviezel – Inspirational video [39:26]

Favorite quotes: “Every generation of Americans needs to know that freedom exists not to do what you like, but having the right to do what you ought.” [23:17] “Lay it down for Jesus or deny Him.” [24:06] “Can society exclude moral truth and moral reasoning? You weren’t made to fit in. You were made to stand out.” [26:36] “You can’t be an Olympic athlete by practicing once a week. You have to take Jesus Christ into your life every day.” [27:39] “Guys! Our Father is REAL.” [28:25] “The people need to see God in you. … They see you; they want that.” [29:11] “Every day, the Word of God.” [29:25]

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About asphyxiation:

According to the highly respected forensic physician, Frederick T. Zugibe, of The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Forensic Inquiry, crucifixion does not kill by asphyxiation. I highly recommend the book, which does a masterful job of explaining the physiology of Jesus’ suffering and death in terms this liberal arts major could understand.

I especially gained an appreciation for the Agony in the Garden, something I’d never thought about much. Zugibe explains the rare phenomenon of sweating blood and what causes it.

He goes into a lot of detail about where the asphyxiation myth originated, why it is so commonly believed, and the great lengths he went to investigate and eventually debunk it.

He also explains his research into how Jesus’ hands and feet were most likely nailed without breaking any bones. I was fascinated by his finding, supported by a real life murder case he worked on in which the victim had put her hand up and been stabbed through the hand without breaking a single bone.

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7 responses to “The incredible witness of Jim Caviezel

  1. A whole post dedicated to my current number one human-celebrity crush! ❤ *swoons!*

    Srsly, I do have a bit of a crush on Jim, but that's mostly because my type is the "Courageous, virtuous" type. I've been a fan of his since The Count of Monte Cristo, and have enjoyed him in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in since.[Granted, I haven’t seen that movie he was in with Arnold and Stallone, but. . .]

    You can tell that he makes a point of only doing things with a good message. I think he’s also one of the actors who has made it clear he won’t do sex scenes.

    Oh, and his wife? Major Pro-life Activist


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ITA … I’ve been crushing on Caviezel since Cristo also. Ditto Mama Buzz. He was keynote speaker at a graduation for one of our offspring. Catholic college cuz, you know, he is. Such an inspiring speech.

      And oh lookie … his wife talking for an hour! I know what I’m gonna be doing with my evening! Thanks so much, ZM!!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I really loved it that, when he was talking to a non-Catholic-Christian audience, he just said “someone” made that remark about God not always choosing the most excellent person. In the for-Catholics interview that was focused on his Catholic faith and the apparitions at Medjugorje, he identified the “someone” as the Medjugorje visionary Ivan, with whom he has become friends.

        His courtesy in using “someone” with an audience that would be uncomfortable with a Medjugorje reference reminded me of Paul’s admonition to not give scandal. I also noticed the audio Bible he worked on is the KJV, not the Catholic NABRE translation. And the way he patted the Bible set and said, “THIS, every day!” I was thinking, “Man, I hope people realize he’s Catholic, cuz yeah, we love the Bible too.”

        Mama Buzz owns the whole CD set and let me borrow them. They’re really well done. She said Caviezel had to get special permission from Mel Gibson (another devout Catholic) to perform Jesus for the audio Bible, because his contract for Passion barred him from ever playing Jesus again. So there’s two Catholics (and very traditional ones, I might add … Gibson prefers the Latin Mass) collaborating to bring the Word to all Christians.

        I long for the day when anti-Catholic prejudice DIES for good. I do my little bit here and hope it helps. I sometimes find it hard to word things in a way that won’t come off obnoxious, but dang it … we ARE Christians too. I don’t think it’s my job to convert. Let the Holy Spirit worry about who goes to what church. I just want to share what we share as fully as possible, while respecting the differences and the fact that each of us thinks we’re right about how we interpret the Scriptures.


        • Is there vid of his more Catholicky interview– would love to see!

          ITA acree with appreciation for how he speaks to the audience he has, making sure that the heart of the message gets across without being muddled with in-your-face Catholicism. For all that I am a practicing Catholic that prays everyday. . . golly, I find such things to be obnoxious. (although, I will make an exception for my St. Michael the Archangel Tee-shirt, because St. Michael the Archangel!)

          I’ve not had a chance to order these recordings, but I’d love to!

          And, yeah, I get so irritated when Christians go out of their way to be d*cks to each other. I mean, When my non-Christian friends give me crap, I’m fine with it, cuz I’m like “Well, you’re a Norse-Heathen, Muslim, Jewish or Athiest, I don’t expect you to get it, so long as I can give you crap right back!”

          But Christians? It’s the assumptions, really, that get to me. If they would come to me and say “Look, here’s what I don’t get, how can you say _____?” that’d be awesome. Instead I see crap like “Removed one of the ten commandments!” or “Worships Mary!” *sigh*. . .[This is all things I’ve seen on my facebook feed, btw, so not anything anyone around here has tried to pull].

          Anyway, yeah, it vexes me. To the point that I rarely respond directly, because that would be a Bad Idea.


          • chrissythehyphenated

            ” If they would come to me and say “Look, here’s what I don’t get, how can you say _____?” that’d be awesome.”

            EXACTLY! I’ve had some GREAT conversations with the folks who have approached me that way. As for the others, I tend to just not engage, cuz when I’ve tried it the past, I always ended up feeling like I’d been banging my head against a wall.

            Early in my net chat room days, I would visit this one Christian room and pretend I was “one of them” (in so many ways, I was/am!) and talk about “my Catholic friend” (hey, I like me!) and how “she” had explained Mary, Purgatory and such. They’d be soooo interested and “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

            But if I said I was Catholic, someone would leap down my throat as if somehow snarling at me was going to make me have some ah ha moment about how wrong the Catholic teaching has been since forever. I. Don’t. Think. So.

            I taught RCIA (convert classes) for FIVE YEARS. I KNOW what the Protestant objections are and I KNOW what the Catholic teachings are … which puts me 50% up on the throat jumpers who only know the former and haven’t got the foggiest clue (or interest in) the latter.

            I was born and raised Catholic. My parents were faithful, but not knowledgeable or willing to verbalize anything, so all I got was what I learned from watching them and from going to Mass and religious ed classes. I literally had no idea a personal relationship with Jesus was possible until I became friends in high school with a Baptist who had that kind of closeness. She didn’t preach at me; she just lived her faith without shame and I found myself wanting what she had.

            I really had no clue about inter-denominational squabbles. I grew up in a very left-wing Ivy League town where the majority was secular humanist and anti-Christian. I didn’t encounter hostility to Catholicism from other Christians until college and it just confused me, because it was so FOREIGN and made no sense to me.

            We don’t read the Bible? When I told my priest at home I wanted to know God better, he told me to buy a Bible and read it. The Mass is chock-a-block with Scripture. Even the Hail Mary, which some have such a bug about, is quotes from the Bible.

            And the stuff about ignoring Mary … I’m sorry, but if you pay attention to your mom, does your dad jump in front of you and holler, “She’s not important! Pay attention to ME!”? Or does he smile indulgently while you love up his love? I know there are some individual Catholics who take their Marian devotion too far. But the anti-Mary thing infects entire denominations.

            As for Purgatory … there’s a lot of history and Bible I could cite, but bottom line for me is that it is a logical imperative, given that God is both perfectly just AND perfectly merciful. We don’t know what Purgatory is like, only that people who go there are definitely on their way to Heaven. I’ve done a lot of therapy and 12 step work. My best guess is it’s like that and that God tailors each person’s experience to meet his/her needs. I think of it as the mud room entrance where folks who die with unrepented sins can go to get cleaned up before appearing at the Throne.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Just finished both videos. THANK YOU, ZM!!!


  2. Also, I saw this vid a few months ago and yes– very stirring, very moving! Thanks for posting it again, it’s a great reminder!