Hypocrite thy name is Democrat

Martha Robertson Jailhouse Crock

Robertson is running for Congress is my district against the Republican incumbent, Tom Reed, who is a PROVEN CONSERVATIVE with a real heart for listening and representing ALL his constituents.

One time, I wrote to him about a vote I thought I disagreed with, but his response convinced me he’d done his homework and voted correctly. He agreed with me in principle, but said the text of the specific bill was seriously problematic.

Dearest has also met him personally a number of times in small sessions with local Republican leaders and watched him manage larger townhall style meetings where tempers can get hot. He said he’s a good man and an excellent representative.

Dearest has also met Robertson and seen her operate. She’s a female Chuck Schumer. Neither of us would vote for her if she was running unopposed. I read her blog for a while, but it made my head spin so I stopped. One time, she went on about how she really does not get at all why Republicans make such a big deal about the American flag. Another time, she preened about going to the trouble to visit a new polling space that had been volunteered by a church to make sure no voter would have to see a cross or other religious symbol!

SERIOUSLY?  Are Leftists really so far out of touch with reality that they can simultaneously freak out about a voter seeing a cross on a wall, but not understand the flag?

Oh wait … yes, they can. In fact, they do it ALL THE TIME!

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