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Touré doesn’t understand

MLK III says here that African-Americans should engage with the Tea Party.  Touré doesn’t understand why.

“Touré doesn’t understand” is pretty much true for every issue that matters to our nation.

For example, he says in this clip that “LBJ stepped forward with civil rights bills.”  Sorry, pal, but LBJ was a flaming racist who was forced into signing bills the Republican majorities passed.

Still, this short clip is worth watching just to see the priceless look on Touré’s face at the end.


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I am a Trey Gowdy Fangirl!

Benghazi Hearing: Trey Gowdy — “I don’t give a damn whose careers are ruined”
4:40 Youtube video published May 9, 2014

ITA. Careers? FOUR PEOPLE ARE DEAD. According to the law, anyone who helped someone else commit a felony in which someone died is as guilty of murder as the person who pulled the trigger. Why should we give a damn about the CAREERS of the people who helped bring about the Benghazi attack?! They should all be in PRISON, for crying out loud.

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Yahoo!! The Gosnell movie has been FUNDED!

Less than two months ago, “FrackNation” directors Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney set before themselves the monumental task of raising 2.1 million to make a film about Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell via Indiegogo.

Today, just a few days shy of their deadline, McAleer and McElhinney met their minimum fundraising goal. The way Indiegogo works, if they had not met their selected goal by their deadline date, NO money would be collected from donors and the movie would not get made.

McAleer and McElhinney are GOOD PEOPLE.  I own all the documentaries these two have made and I helped crowd-fund FrackNation.  Dearest even went to the showing in Binghamton and met Phelim.

Trust me.  You can donate with confidence.  Your money will be used carefully and appropriately.

Historic crowdfunding for movie about abortionist Kermit Gosnell

For a few more days, you can help fund this important project. Yes, they’ve reached their goal. But that was a minimum. Movie making is really expensive! So I’m certain more money will be welcome and used carefully.

My personal fave is the “With Perks” option of a $25 contribution that gets you a free copy of the DVD mailed to your home when it comes out.  I did this for FrackNation and the DVD came.  And as they say, it really is fun to say, “I helped finance this!”



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My best friend and fishing partner and I took advantage of the warm weather to make a quick trip to the local state park and lake to do a little fishing.I was on oxygen all of last year and it had been a couple years since we’d been out together.We caught a few nice crappies.but it seemed secondary to simply enjoying the day and sharing the fellowship of just relaxing and talking about nothing in particular.With a lake and the Rock River both within a 15 minute drive I hope to spend more time out of the house this summer.

Check out our customized boat:



We have our share of moments,but nothing like these:


Chicago fast food workers to join national protest:

















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