Miraculous recovery of newborn

Clinically dead baby revived by Mother’s touch [6:39]

The moron “journalist” keeps calling this a “medical” miracle. NOT. A “medical” miracle would be DOCTORS doing MEDICAL stuff to bring someone back from the dead. The DOCTOR declared the baby DEAD. Even when he gasped and moved, the doctor told the mom, “It’s just a reflex.”

At the end of the interview, the mom says the doctor refused to come look at the baby as long as they said, “He’s doing things dead babies don’t do.”  So they changed their tune to, “We’ve accepted the death. Could you please come explain to us what happened.”  THEN he came in and saw the baby was not dead.

So “miracle” yes. “Medical” not. The dad calls it “lucky.” Sorry, pal, but give credit where credit is due. GOD did this for you.


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4 responses to “Miraculous recovery of newborn

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Now that I’ve posted this, I’m wondering if that doctor’s hurry to write off one of the twins as a lost cause is because of the high cost of nurturing a premie to full health. It just smacks so much of, “Oops, that one’s dead, bye bye.” If this couple had good insurance or big bucks, it seems to me there would’ve been some effort to revive the boy, instead of this leaving the room and insisting, “He’s dead, dammit. Just accept it, won’t you?”


  2. Ting

    That was so sweet. I love that mother.