It was NEVER about better health care for all

Carson bops Oprah

Nothing is over – “Well, ‘the debate is over’ is something of a mantra. The debate is over about climate change — everyone, be quiet. The debate is over about early childhood education — everyone, be quiet. Lots of things are supposedly over. You hear that from people who are finding the evidence inconvenient. Now, is it working? That’s a fairly minimal claim. I mean, the farm subsidies in this country are working. Whether or not they are doing good work is another matter…And he is contradicting himself. He says, we should all stop talking about this except Democrats this fall should campaign on the basis of the multiform excellence of the Affordable Care Act.” – George Will on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace”

ONLY HALF ARE ACTUALLY COVERED: Approximately 220,000 Georgians are being counted as “enrollees” in the faux HHS Rah Rah ObamaCare count. Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens says PREMIUMS HAVE BEEN PAID for only 107,581 of those policies.

RISE IN COSTS ACCELERATING: Monthly reports from the Altarum Institute, based on government data, are the equivalent of an early warning system for medical costs. They showed costs starting to rise more quickly in the middle of 2013. Since then, the rates have gone up even more.

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