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Is Mary’s Medjugorje timeline related to Jesus’ First Coming?

MAP Medjugorje

The other day I was meditating about Mary and how horrific it must have been for her to watch her Son suffer and die. Then the thought popped into my head to see if the dates of the Medjugorje apparitions bore any relation to Jesus’ First Coming.

According to my best estimation of the star charts in The Star of Bethlehem DVD, Jesus was born on Sivan 15, 3759 HY, making his Bris date Sivan 22. Counting back on the Common calendar, these dates were June 17 and June 24, 2 BC. 

BRIS: The Jewish ceremony of circumcision. Circumcision is performed on the eighth day of the child’s life, during the day. The day the child is born counts as the first day; thus if Jesus was born on a Tuesday, he would have been circumcised on the following Tuesday.

Jesus birth-bris-death-resur on H-C calendars

Coincidentally (or not), the date of Mary’s first appearance at Medjugorje – June 24th – is BOTH the anniversary of Jesus’ Bris and also the Feast of John the Baptist.

John the Baptist

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing daily at Medjugorje since 1981. As you can see on this list, it is unprecedented for her to appear so often or for so long.

According to the site @ http://www.theotokos.org.uk/pages/appdisce/nineapps.html, there have been nine major approved Marian apparitions in modern times.

  • Guadalupe, Mexico: 4 times in 1531.
  • Paris, France: 3 times in 1830.
  • La Salette, France: 1 time in 1846.
  • Lourdes, France: 18 times in 1858.
  • Pontmain, France: 1 time in 1871.
  • Knock, Ireland: 1 time in 1879.
  • Fatima, Portugal: 6 times in 1917.
  • Beauraing, Belgium: 33 times in 1932-33.
  • Banneux, Belgium: 8 times in 1933.

The first time Mary appeared at Medjugorje was on the Feast of John the Baptist, June 24, 1981.  When I looked that date up on the Hebrew-Roman calendar, I was surprised to find it matched the date of Jesus’ Bris, Sivan 22.

1981 Medj start date matches Jesus birth-circ

It is not at all common for dates on the Hebrew calendar to line up like that.  I looked up June 24ths until my eyes got bleary.  In 20 years worth, not one was on Sivan 22.

So let’s just suppose the Medjugorje apparitions are recreating the years of the First Coming of Jesus Christ … say from first blood at Bris to last blood at Crucifixion.  The time span between the two dates is a few months shy of 34 years, which puts the Crucifixion anniversary on April 3, 2015 which will be one of the Easter seasons when the Roman and Hebrew calendars will match those of 33 CE.  (Orthodox Easter will be April 12, 2015.)

33 and 2015 match

And just to make it all even more eye-popping, that is also the month when we will have back-to-back total eclipses of both sun and moon, the solar eclipse will coincide with the end (Adar 29) and beginning (Nisan 1) of the Jewish ecclesiastical year while the lunar eclipse will coincide with the beginning of Passover. The lunar eclipse will be the third of the TETRAD of blood moons in 2014 and 2015.

Tetrad April 2015 - Solar and Lunar

Video of April 2, 2014 apparition to Mirjana
Apparition begins @ 13:21 and ends at 19:11

The public message Mirjana was given that day: “Dear children, with a motherly love I desire to help you for your life of prayer and penance to be a sincere attempt of drawing closer to my Son and His divine light – that you may know how to separate yourselves from sin. Every prayer, every Mass and every fasting is an attempt of drawing closer to my Son, a reminder of His glory and a refuge from sin – it is a way to a renewed union of the good Father and His children. Therefore, my dear children, with hearts open and full of love, cry out the name of the Heavenly Father that He may illuminate you with the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit you will become a spring of God’s love. All those who do not know my Son, all those thirsting for the love and peace of my Son, will drink from this spring. Thank you. Pray for your shepherds. I pray for them and I desire that they may always feel the blessing of my motherly hands and the support of my motherly heart.” http://www.medjugorjeusa.org/mirjanamessage.htm

Please note: This blog is a correction to my March 31, 2014 blog in which I got the dates wrong @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/mary-has-been-appearing-at-medjugorje-for-33-years/

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April 2014: 61% say Obama lies – PART 2

Dearest says my graphic from https://polination.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/april-2014-61-say-obama-lies/ was confusing, so I did it again.

2014_04 61 percent say BHO is liar

Much as it pains me to admit this … it is better now!  :o)


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