Where was Jesus baptized?

The Gospels don’t come right out and say exactly where along the Jordan River Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, but there are clues. Based on Matthew 3, Mark 1 and Luke 3 and 4, it was near Jerusalem and the Judean desert, which puts it near the north end of the Dead Sea.

MAP Judean desert

John 1:28 says John the Baptist was baptizing at “Bethany across the Jordan.”

MAP Bethany across the Jordan

I noticed a lot of Jewish places are named Beth-something, so I googled it.




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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Before I did this blog, I had a little prayer argument about how I should be doing something about the Last Supper, since it’s Holy Thursday today. But it was very clear that I was supposed to do this, so I did. And now that I’m all done, I realize (head smack), I did do a Holy Thursday thing after all. Jesus was born in the “House of Bread”! :o)