It depends on what your definition of it is

Listen to the first 1:30 of Joe Biden’s speech to Boston Marathon survivors.

Gleaned from Twitchy:

Can anyone tell me what the hell he means when he says, “It was worth it”?  What “it” was worth what “it”?

SURELY, he didn’t mean “it” (him getting to feel all uplifted and inspired by their testimonies) made “it” (them getting blown up) worth it….

The KINDEST interpretation I can think of is that he’s all kinds of grateful for showing up at the event and sitting through the testimonies because he now feels all warm and weepy. So “it” (listening to your uplifting testimonies) was worth “it” (him bothering to come).

Either way, it’s narcissistic of him to make the memorial primarily about his being there.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you unscrewed Biden’s skull-cap, there would be nothing but a bunny eating some lettuce.

And bunny poop. Lots and lots of bunny poop.

You can’t fix stupid.


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