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Herod the Great died in 1 BC

The traditional date given for the death of Herod the Great (4 BC) was based on a very early transcription error that was carried over again and again into later copies of the document.  The earliest copy of the actual historical document says he died in 1 BC.  This later date is verified by a close analysis of the Jewish calendar, lunar eclipse data from NASA and Josephus’ account of Herod’s death.  (There is a detailed account @ “Astronomy and the Death of King Herod” @ http://www.askelm.com/star/star010.htm.)

Herod the Great died in 1 BC

Lunar eclipse chart from NASA for Jan 10 1 BC


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The Bureau of Land Management,with 200 federal agents and military vehicles,snipers and police dogs tried to push 67 year old Cliven Bundy off the land his family has owned since the 1880’s.They grazed their herd of about 1000 head on 600,000 acres of land they regularly paid grazing fess for to Clark County,Nevada.Then in 1993 the BLM pronounced the Desert Tortoise an endangered species and seized all that federal land.Bundy refused to sell his family’s land after they had forced out the other 5 ranches in Southern Nevada.He rfused to recognize their authority,saying his land was sovereign state land.When he refused to back down,it got ugly.

Darin Bushman – Piute County Utah Commissioner – posted this on his Facebook page, via Infowars:

I was just told by commissioner Collins of Clark County NV that all of us folks from Utah are a bunch of “inbred bastards” and if we are coming to Clark Cointy NV to support Cliven Bundy we all “better have funeral plans”. We should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”. Now there’s some classy leadership for you


They declared the area a ‘no fly zone’ and threatened to shut down the cell towers so nobody could get any reports out about what was happening.Bundy’s son,Ammon was tased and a number of people had police dogs sicced on them.Guess what happened?Nearly a thousand militia and patriots said:’not here,not now,not ever!’






Federal agents back down in stand-off with armed cowboys: BLM release cattle after they were surrounded by militia following agreement to stop targeting rancher in modern-day ‘range war’

  • Bureau of Land Management would not enforce court order to remove  cattle and was pulling out of the area
  • Politicians have compared the standoff to Tienanmen Square
  • The Bundy family says they’ve owned the 600,000 acres since 1870 but the Bureau of Land Management says they are illegally grazing
  • The dispute began in 1993 when land was reclassified as to federal property to protect a rare desert tortoise, the government claimed
  • Federal officers stormed the property this week with helicopters and snipers to back up about 200 armed agents
  • They have reportedly seized around 350 of Cliven Bundy’s 900 cattle
  • Cattle were handed back to rancher after tense standoff
  • Tensions escalated after private militias poured in to support the family



The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations.


Three weeks before Election Day, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., center, arrives for the dedication of a wind farm in Henderson, Nev., on Oct. 12, 2010. With him are, second from left, Kai Huang, deputy mayor of Shenyang, China; Jinxiang Lu, second from right, chairman and CEO of A-Power Energy Generation Systems, a Chinese company, and Tom Conway, right, international vice president of the United Steelworkers union. Reid’s support, and the plan to create jobs in Nevada, helped blunt congressional criticism that stimulus money was going to the Chinese company.


What makes it all the more maddening is that he had to have the SEIU rig the clark County voting machines to steal his last election.

Dana Loesch sorts it all out pretty succinctly

The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment

The BLM asserts their power through the expressed desire to protect the endangered desert tortoise, a tortoise so “endangered” that their population can no longer be contained by the refuge constructed for them so the government is closing it and euthanizing over a thousand tortoises. The tortoises, the excuse that BLM has given for violating claims to easements and running all but one lone rancher out of southern Nevada, is doing fine. In fact, the tortoise has lived in harmony with cattle in the Gold Butte, Clark County Nevada for over a hundred years, or as long as Cliven Bundy’s family has lived on the land as ranchers. In fact, the real threat to it is urbanization, not cattle. A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67 year-old rancher. They want his land. The tortoise wasn’t of concern when Harry Reid worked BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore was convicted of illegal campaign contributions to Senator Reid. Reid’s former senior adviser is now the head of BLM. Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land (already over 84% of which is owned by the federal government) and pay back special interests.


Call me a cynical old fart.I expect the absolute worst intentions from any form of government at this point.I think the left is trying to bottle up all of southern Nevada to keep it off limits for oil and gas exploration.But,hey,that’s just me.

It does my heart good to see some real Americans who are sick and tired of Big Government rolling over citizens and crushing our freedoms.This may be the first real skirmish in Obama’s attempt to control the populace through force.That’s what makes protecting our second amendment rights vitally important.I think he found out we don’t enslave that easily.Have a blessed Palm Sunday.



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