Who needs coat hangers?

You have to listen to these 911 calls from Preterm abortion clinic to believe them. Each time, the person calling in has little information about the patient and is very, very reluctant to mention the word “abortion” which … you know … might MATTER to the responders.

June 26, 2010: A 26-year old woman suffered uncontrolled hemorrhaging AND failed to come out of anesthesia.

Preterm cherishes women and children

March 31, 2012: This “caring” clinic performed a high risk abortion on a 300 pound woman, despite being unequipped to handle emergencies AND having no ELEVATOR. Emergency responders had to wait for additional responders to arrive to help them carry the woman down the stairs. This time, an activist filed a complaint with the Ohio Medical Board, but no disciplinary action was ever taken.

March 21, 2014: This time Preterm managed to kill both mother and child. Right at the start of this call, the woman garbles the rather important fact that the patient is NOT BREATHING.

Meanwhile, another woman has died taking RU-486 (the Morning After pill). One of the deadly complications of this chemical abortion is toxic shock. Remember when the media went nuts warning females about how dangerous tampons were? Google “tampons toxic shock syndrome” and you’ll see lots of “rare” in the hits. Now google “Planned Parenthood RU-486.” Go ahead. Try it.




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