Pull My Finger: Brit Libtard One Ups Barkey


From Robert Gehl – April 9, 2014:

A few days ago, the Obama Administration decided it was a good idea to get cows to stop farting so much because they are a major cause of global warming.

Not to be outdone in the ubiquitous game of “Liberals Who Say Stupid Things,” the British have taken it a step further and decided Brits should eat fewer beans because their farts, too, are a cause of global warming.

Viscount Jan David Simon, a minister in the House of Lords, and a member of the Labour (liberal) party voiced his concerns recently on their floor:

“In a program some months ago on the BBC it was stated that this country has the largest production of baked beans and the largest consumption of baked beans in the world,” he said, then directing his question to the UK’s Climate Change Minister, Lady Verma: “Could you say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the Government as a result of the smelly emission resulting therefrom?”

Rather than breaking out into hysterics, or escort the elderly Viscount Simon escorted from Parliament, Lady Verma responded in the affirmative:

Lady Verma described his question as “so different” but she appeared to suggest that people should think twice about over-indulging in baked beans or any food which causes flatulence.

She added: “You do actually raise a very important point, which is we do need to moderate our behavior.”

There appears to be a contest amongst liberals to say the stupidest thing possible, with bonus points if it relates to breaking wind and climate change.


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