The Tolerance Gestapo

On Thursday, Mozilla CEO and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich was pressured to resign because he had made a donation in 2008 in support of California’s Prop 8. And of course, tolerance thugs (many of whom contributed to Obama’s 2008 campaign which officially supported traditional marriage) spent the rest of the day gleefully waving their trophy scalp.

But there’s been push back.

2014_04 03 Best Mozilla tweet

Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce gave Mozilla and the “gay gestapo” hell for transforming the company into a “bastion of intolerance and punishment.”

  • Hi @mozilla, I’m a gay woman who is appalled that you caved to the Gay Gestapo. So who else will be pressured to leave for not conforming?
  • Gay civil rights movement began to make sure people weren’t punished for who they were. Now look what you’ve become #gaygestapo @mozilla
  • And after you interrogate ur board & employees @Mozilla, next step==> you must have everyone sign a loyalty oath. #gaygestapo #fascists
  • Hi @Mozilla libs, shouldn’t you now send a questionnaire to every employee to make sure they have the correct opinions? Chop chop!
  • Anyone at @Mozilla & the #gaygestapo get the irony of pushing the founder out of his inclusive co because he doesn’t conform to their pov?
  • Great job @Mozilla #gaygestapo, you’ve transformed Eich’s co into a bastion of intolerance & punishment for everyone who doesn’t conform


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