Ann Coulter is proven right again

A long time ago, I heard her say, “It’s easy to know what the Left is up to. Just listen to what they accuse us of.” Steyer Infection


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4 responses to “Ann Coulter is proven right again

  1. Ann Coulter isn’t right about anything. First she loves Christie. Then she lives Romney. Who will she love next? It won’t be a Tea Party candidate. I’m guessing Bush.


    • She’s usually right about liberals, though. As you say, we’d be well advised to disregard everything she says about Republicans/conservatives.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Why do we need to 100% agree with or approve of anyone?


        • It doesn’t matter if you are right about liberals, when you are wrong about conservatives. We all know what progressives are about.
          There is no excuse for fighting within the Republican party.
          Why do we need a summit in Florida to explore ways to defeat Tea Party members?