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If you are caught without approved coverage after this day you are obviously racist and will be sent to a re-education camp and all your wealth will be confiscated for redistribution to those who never got all the lucky breaks you did.Its only fair.There’s only one problem:

Obamacare Website Fails on Final Signup Day

People trying to apply and enroll for private health insurance through Obamacare before Monday’s midnight deadline discovered the website was “currently unavailable.”


A guy I work with was bragging that his family got coverage for $80/month.He has a physical deformity and no doubt gets disability.At least one of his kids gets SSI and I’m pretty sure his wife is also on welfare.I didn’t bother to mention to him that the 80% coversge he thinks he has might not be hat it seems.He does,however,fit the profile:

4 of 5 Obamacare Enrollees Qualified for Subsidy



After my hospitalization last year I was qualified for a medi-plan that will cover some expenses any month I spend more than $1150 out of pocket.DW has no coverage but turns 65 in October.Once she gets registered for Medicare(or whats left of it) we’ll look for a supplemental for her.I don’t much care about what happens to me one way or another.There are still a few things I get to decide.











This is the Lesser Sage Hen.Fish and Wildlife just put it on the endangered species list.Watch for Bam to seize millions of acres of land in 5 southwest states to halt production of oil and natural gas.(they’re red states anyway,so who cares?)







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  1. Pistol Pete

    Chickens come home to roost for Obama
    Obama’s sixth year in the White House is shaping up as his worst, and that’s saying something. He’s been in the Oval Office so long that it is obscene to blame his problems on George W. Bush, the weather or racism. Obama owns the world he made, or more accurately, the world he tried to remake.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Former IRS Official Lois Lerner Could Go to Prison on Contempt Charges
    Essentially, what is required for that to happen is for a House majority to vote for a motion holding her in contempt and House Speaker John Boehner to then direct the House sergeant at arms to arrest and confine her.
    Never happen.Orange Slush is such a gutless pussy he’d wet himself before he crossed his good friends,the democrats.


  3. Pistol Pete

    McCain: I want to name America’s new immigration reform law after Ted Kennedy
    Of course you do,Juan.Thats why they call you “the Maverick.” Right? Right?
    1. Had McCain’s father and grandfather not been admirals, he probably never would have been admitted to Annapolis given his high school grades and temperament

    2. Given his grades and conduct at Annapolis, he probably would have been dismissed had his father and grandfather not been admirals

    3. He probably would have been removed from flight status after crashing his third plane had his father and grandfather not been admirals

    4. Had McCain not been a reckless pilot and followed orders (rather than being a “maverick”), he might not have been shot down and spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton

    5. Had McCain not have been a POW, he likely would have never married the beer baroness or been elected to Congress

    6. Had McCain not been a POW, he likely would not have been the only member of the “Keating Five” to survive his congressional career and probably would have never been the GOP Presidential nominee.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I doubt he spent five years IN the Hanoi Hilton. The other guys say he was only there once in a while, supposedly because he spent so much time in solitary and being tortured. Except when he was in with the others, he wasn’t in the kind of condition you’d expect.

      John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

      John McCain (SongBird McCain) Traitor!


  4. Pistol Pete

    Philly Sting Shut Down Democrats Allegedly Took Bribes
    This is so not fair.Everybody knows blacks are too weak from fighting racism to resist easy money for breaking the law.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Kobe Bryant under fire for criticizing Lebron James and Miami Heat for supporting Trayvon Martin ‘just because he was African-American’
    Basketball star Kobe Bryant has been attacked for claiming that he shouldn’t be expected to support Trayvon Martin simply because he is also African American
    Singled out Lebron James and his Miami Heat colleagues for wearing hoodies – like Martin – in the weeks after his 2012 death
    Kobe wandered away from the liberal plantation for just a moment and was attacked so savagely he had to retract his temporary journey into reality.

    ESPN Commentator Takes Stance That He Says Will ‘Upset’ a Lot of Black People: ‘When I Give a Damn, I’ll Let You Know’


  6. Pistol Pete

    Biden Unchained: A survey of Joe’s rhetorical grandiosity since January
    A lot of politicians pander to whatever crowd they’re speaking to.Few are as nauseatingly pathetic as Old Uncle Joe


  7. Pistol Pete

    ‘Influential Republicans’ back Bush in 2016
    Reading this story, you can’t help but think that the effort to create a boomlet for Bush is patently artificial. Mention is made of Romney money men being interested in backing him, but there is no groundswell among Republicans nationwide for a Bush candidacy, and the base would revolt if he won the nomination .

    That isn’t stopping a small group of Republican bundlers from floating a trial balloon in Las Vegas:
    The nation won’t accept another Clinton vs. Bush.


  8. Pistol Pete

    Two television personalities signed off their programs last week.
    the differences are stark.




  9. Pistol Pete

    Ted Cruz: When Republicans Take Control of the Senate, We Will Start Convening Hearings Focusing on the Abuse of Power From This President
    ‘Harry Reid is the most important protector Barack Obama has because he prevents the senate from engaging in any hearings on the abuse of power, unconstitutional actions and lawlessness’

    This is,of course,assuming that McCain,Grahamnesty and McConnell can let go of their wieners long enough to do anything.I would not be the least bit optimistic.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Pope Francis and Obama: Two Tales of One Meeting
    The Obama Lie Machine said they talked about income inequality and amnesty for potential democrat voters.The Vatican said they brought up the slaughter of unborn innocents,which Obama enthusiastically supports.
    Who you gonna believe…His holiness or mr. ‘if you like your plan you can keep your plan?’


  11. You suppose those hens fry up well? Granted, enough buttermilk and hotsause will marinate just about anything perfectly for frying. . .


    • Pistol Pete

      I’ve had grouse,which is very similar.My buddies’ wife rolled the pieces in seasoned flour,dipped them in an egg wash then rolled in cracker meal.Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.they’re pretty small,though,so kill lots.


  12. Pistol Pete

    Chicago Judge Wants Back on the Bench After Being Declared Mentally Insane
    Brim was found not guilty of misdemeanor battery by reason of insanity last year for shoving a sheriff’s deputy outside the Daley Center during a manic episode in March 2012. A day earlier, while on the bench, she broke into an extended rant while presiding over a traffic court call at the Markham courthouse.
    A deranged black woman judge making $182,000 wants her cheddar fom the evil white racists.
    She might be Obama’s next Supreme Court nominee if he gets one.


  13. Pistol Pete

    Unemployed female veteran hits out at Macy’s after sales boss said her ‘mindset’ wasn’t right for a store job because she’d been to war

    •Army Specialist Kayla Reyes claims she was denied a job at Macy’s in February because her military service made her unsuitable
    •Recently returned from a 1-year deployment to Afghanistan
    •Attended a job interview at a Fresno, California shopping mall and was told she had no skills to deal with customers
    •Complained to her friends on Facebook – and the post was widely shared online
    •Macy’s subsequently offered her job – which Reyes turned down

    Macy’s anti-military attitude is going to bite them in the rear end.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Well now this is a pretty unserious way to deal with a deadly serious situation.

    State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki is incurring lots of criticism and ridicule for responding to the Ukraine crisis with a selfie. Have look.

    Jen is actually not some experienced State Department hand. She’s a veteran flack and one of the bright young Obama acolytes who came out of the 2008 campaign and into the White House, where she was among President Obama’s better-liked press assistants.

    The White House sent her over to State about a year ago to take over the top spokesperson job. Along with White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, she’s viewed as one of the two most likely successors to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney once he’s had enough.


  15. Pistol Pete

    Pelosi: People Who Value Human Life Are ‘Dumb’
    Then maybe you should just leave,bitch‘dumb’


  16. Pistol Pete

    “Whats it gonna take to send you home with this healthcare plan today?”


  17. Pistol Pete

    Ohio State students upset Chris Matthews tapped as commencement speaker

    ‘We don’t know who this guy is,’ some complain of MSNBC talk-show host
    Those who don’t know him don’t realize what bliss their ignorance is.


  18. Pistol Pete

    Former Campaign Workers for Bronx Councilwoman Arroyo Charged with Fraud
    Three former campaign workers for Bronx Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo’s reelection bid were charged with forging nearly 100 signatures, including Derek Jeter’s and Kate Moss’, on the candidate’s primary ballot petitions, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.
    Just more democrat cheating….nothing new here


  19. Pistol Pete

    SNL thinks it now OK to poke a little fun at the Kenyan


    • chrissythehyphenated

      NBC blocked the video. KD said they were the only people who paid people to surf the nets and send cease and desist letters to anybody who posted their stuff.

      I don’t understand the point. If I see something somewhere that I LIKE, I am more likely to seek it out again, right?

      Guess they haven’t noticed Kudlow’s speech yet. I liked it, but I don’t want to give NBC, CNBC or MSNBC any free advertising, so I’m not going to Facebook it.