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Commie Core

Check out these Common Core MATH lessons for 6-8 graders. They’re SO Leftard biased, it would be laughable if they were satire. But they’re not.  Dumbocrats are STILL so mad about Gore losing in 2000 that they’re writing it into Common Core.  What’s next … calculating reparations?

I could see the value of high school American History or Political Science students studying the Gore-Bush election to understand why the electoral college exists.  But using voting statistics as data sets for middle school math is absurd.  There are dozens of other data sets that would be more interesting, make more sense and help rather than hinder this age group in learning the MATH lessons that are the alleged point.

This is why I doubt very much these lessons are about teaching MATH skills I think they’re about indoctrinating a new generation of Dumbocrat sheeple.  Oooh, here’s a fun idea. Rewrite these lessons using religious affiliation data sets and ask students to discuss how FAIR it is for a tiny number of Atheists to impose their religious prejudices on the majority who are Christian.  Then watch Libtard heads explode. ::snort::

Common Core koolaid

MATH LESSONS for Grades 6-8  (Text before URL is from CtH. Text after URL is from lesson plan.)

The point of the lesson entitled “How Could That Happen?” is to present the electoral college as UNFAIR and Democrats as the poor widdle victims of the big bully Republicans. Allegedly, the mathematical lesson here is to investigate situations in which the electoral college creates unusual election results. Oh wait. That’s politics. Like I said. It’s not about math. God forbid we should teach kids math. They might get out of the ghetto and start, horrors, thinking for themselves.

This problem-solving lesson challenges students to generate election results using number sense and other mathematical skills … in a politically challenging context.
Display “Who Won This Election?” overhead.  Ask students to examine the numbers carefully. Students should notice that the “gray” candidate received more of the popular vote, yet the “white” candidate received more of the electoral vote.
Engage students in a class discussion about whether or not they feel the results of the election are “fair.” Many students will have their own opinions, but try not to influence students with your own opinion.
You may wish to share with them that these are real election results from the 2000 presidential elections. Gray represents Democrats and white represents Republicans.

The point of the lesson entitled “A Swath of Red” uses the same Bush vs. Gore election to allegedly learn ratios and estimating areas.  But first, let’s talk about politics!  And how UNFAIR that 2000 election was!  Dontcha love how the author expects these kids to know or care about something that happened before they were BORN?  How about estimating the area of their school and do the ratios of indoors to outdoors and classrooms to other types of spaces? Oh silly me. Because then we couldn’t inject Democrats are good/Republicans are bad into the lesson.

A political map of the United States after the 2000 election is largely red, representing the Republican candidate, George W. Bush. However, the presidential race was nearly tied.
Using a grid overlay, students estimate the area of the country that voted for the Republican candidate and the area that voted for the Democratic candidate.
Students then compare the areas to the electoral and popular vote election results. Ratios of electoral votes to area are used to make generalizations about the population distribution of the United States.
Ask students why a larger area represents nearly the same number of voters. Explain that they will be investigating this conundrum in this lesson.
The election of 2000 was politically charged, so you should be prepared to address the issue. The merits of the electoral college are called into question during each presidential election, and some people have strong opinions.

The alleged point of the lesson entitled “Why Is California So Important?” is “understanding of measures of central tendency and fluency with decimals and percents.”  Thus, it makes a ton of sense that FIRST we talk about … the electoral college!  The lesson plan actually SAYS, “By the end of the lesson, they will know if their state has many or few electors, and what that means to a candidate running a presidential campaign.” I couldn’t quite figure out what MATH skills the students were supposed to acquire, which makes me all the more certain these three lessons are not about teaching MATH.

In this lesson, students learn about the mechanics of the electoral college and use the State Data Map applet to gather data on the population and electoral votes for each state. Students calculate the percentage of the Electoral College vote allocated to each state, and use mathematics to reflect on the differences.
Ask students, “Who elects the president of the United States?” [The electoral college, not the general voting public.] Describe the mechanics of the electoral college to students. If time permits, you can also have students research how the electoral college works.
Tell students how many electoral votes their state has. Ask them whether it seems like a lot or a little. Discuss what they’ve learned to get them excited for the upcoming lesson. Tell students that they are going to be gathering data about the number of electoral college voters in each state and discovering interesting facts.

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Good discussion about 2 important O’care court cases

Arroyo’s guest was Hobby Lobby’s lawyer.  He explains things very clearly.

World Over – 2014-03-27 – Hobby Lobby, HHS arguments at the US Supreme Court with Raymond Arroyo

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Jesus wants to cure our sin-sick souls

Lenten Journey with Cardinal Dolan – Fourth Sunday of Lent [1:20]

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Posted by Pistol Pete



If you are caught without approved coverage after this day you are obviously racist and will be sent to a re-education camp and all your wealth will be confiscated for redistribution to those who never got all the lucky breaks you did.Its only fair.There’s only one problem:

Obamacare Website Fails on Final Signup Day

People trying to apply and enroll for private health insurance through Obamacare before Monday’s midnight deadline discovered the website was “currently unavailable.”



A guy I work with was bragging that his family got coverage for $80/month.He has a physical deformity and no doubt gets disability.At least one of his kids gets SSI and I’m pretty sure his wife is also on welfare.I didn’t bother to mention to him that the 80% coversge he thinks he has might not be hat it seems.He does,however,fit the profile:

4 of 5 Obamacare Enrollees Qualified for Subsidy



After my hospitalization last year I was qualified for a medi-plan that will cover some expenses any month I spend more than $1150 out of pocket.DW has no coverage but turns 65 in October.Once she gets registered for Medicare(or whats left of it) we’ll look for a supplemental for her.I don’t much care about what happens to me one way or another.There are still a few things I get to decide.











This is the Lesser Sage Hen.Fish and Wildlife just put it on the endangered species list.Watch for Bam to seize millions of acres of land in 5 southwest states to halt production of oil and natural gas.(they’re red states anyway,so who cares?)







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Important court win for Voter ID laws!

2014_03 19 Voter ID law wins


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Mary has been appearing at Medjugorje for 33 years – UPDATED

NOTE:  When I originally wrote this now deleted blog, I was having a Senior Moment and got the dates wrong.  Because I sent this wrong information out in an email, I am leaving this note here in case anyone tries to use the URL.  I redid the work and posted a correct (and expanded) version @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/is-marys-medjugorje-timeline-related-to-jesus-first-coming/.



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Just a “glitch” … could’ve happened to anybody!

2014_03 30 Pre-filled voter registration for Dem

Good to know HHS will handle health records in the same squeaky clean, non-political way the IRS handles tax records.


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