The real story behind Democrats and Gun Control

FUNNY – California state Senator Leland Yee: Part-time politician, full-time arms dealer

SERIOUS – Mar 26, 2014: State Sen. Leland Yee arrested

The FBI says Yee told an undercover agent to give him a shopping list of guns, assuring him he could get automatic weapons and RPGs. Yee promised to take responsibility for brokering and delivering the deal in exchange for cash and/or campaign donations.

Yee said he had a connection with Russian arms dealers and Filipino Muslim terrorists who had no problem ‘kidnapping individuals, killing individuals, and extorting them for ransom.”

Yee took envelopes full of cash to influence public policy, violated campaign contribution limit laws, and laundered money for a Chinese crime syndicate headed up by Shrimp Boy Chow. Yee’s fundraiser Keith Jackson was the go-between man.

Yee was arrested alongside a Chinese gangster, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, as part of an FBI public corruption investigation. Below is a 2012 ABC report about how Democrat politicians shoveled money and praise at “Shrimp Boy” despite his felonious past and shady connections.

Leland Yee and gun control


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