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There’s flags and then there’s flags

Michelle Obama: First Time proud of USA

Michelle Obama no hand on heart

All this for a damn flag

This week, while enjoying yet another mega-vacay courtesy of AMERICAN taxpayers, our despicable excuse for a First Lady took the opportunity to wave RED flags in Communist China. 

2014_03 Michelle Obama in China - waving flags

For the record: I couldn’t find any information about this photo. For all I know, she was waving starting flags at some race or other. What the fabric looks like, though, is the red scarves worn by the Young Pioneers of China whose motto is “Be prepared, to struggle for the cause of Communism!”

Oath: “I am a member of the Young Pioneers of China. Under the Flag of the Young Pioneers I promise that: I love the Communist Party of China, the motherland, and the people; I will study well and keep myself fit [lit. exercise well], and to prepare for: contributing my effort to the cause of communism.”



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BaneCat has arrived

Bane is one of Batman’s more physically and intellectually powerful foes. BaneCat’s voice is from the Bane in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”

FUNNY: BaneCat

BANE QUOTES: From The Dark Knight Rises


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Pope Francis: Leading by example

Traditionally, popes have heard confessions of some faithful in the basilica on Good Friday morning.  But Francis had the service three weeks early.

2014_03 28 Pope Francis went to Confession

And he surprised his master of ceremonies by going to confession in public himself.  After receiving absolution, Pope Francis went to another confessional and spent about 40 minutes hearing confessions.

Pope Francis on penance: Conversion is not just for Lent [2:37]

In his homily, the Pope said following God’s call to conversion is not supposed to happen only during Lent, but is a lifetime commitment.  When hearts are renewed and “created in God’s way” good behavior follows, he said.  For example,

“always speaking the truth and steering clear of all lies; no stealing, but rather, sharing what one has with others, especially with those in need; not giving in to anger, rancor and revenge, but being meek, magnanimous and ready to forgive; not taking part in malicious gossip that ruins the good name of people, but looking mainly for the good side in everyone.”

God’s love cannot be held inside, he said.

“It’s open by its very nature; it spreads and is fruitful.  It always generates new love.”

In that missionary spirit, the penitential liturgy opened an initiative called “24 Hours for the Lord” sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelisation.

The council asked dioceses around the world to have at least one parish open all day and night on March 28, so that anyone could go to Confession and take part in Eucharistic Adoration.  It’s part of the Pope’s focus on celebrating God’s mercy and power of forgiveness.

Pope Francis has urged priests not to be too lax or too harsh during Confession and to make sure people always know when the sacrament of reconciliation is available.

“Let’s not forget that the faithful often struggle to take part in the sacrament, both for practical reasons and because of the natural difficulty in confessing one’s own sins to another person.  For that reason we have to work really hard on who we are, on our humanity, so as to never be an obstacle, but to always help people be drawn to mercy and forgiveness.”

He also spoke about Confession during a public audience in February saying,

“Everyone say to himself: ‘When was the last time I went to confession?’  And if it has been a long time, don’t lose another day!  Go, the priest will be good. And Jesus, (will be) there, and Jesus is better than the priests – Jesus receives you.  He will receive you with so much love! Be courageous, and go to confession.”

He also said,

“The sacrament of reconciliation is a sacrament of healing.  When I go to confession, it’s for healing: healing the soul, healing the heart because of something that I did to make it unwell.”


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What we need is an off switch for SJL’s mouth

2014_03 24 Jackson Lee - Glitter jewel of ignorance


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The real story behind Democrats and Gun Control

FUNNY – California state Senator Leland Yee: Part-time politician, full-time arms dealer

SERIOUS – Mar 26, 2014: State Sen. Leland Yee arrested

The FBI says Yee told an undercover agent to give him a shopping list of guns, assuring him he could get automatic weapons and RPGs. Yee promised to take responsibility for brokering and delivering the deal in exchange for cash and/or campaign donations.

Yee said he had a connection with Russian arms dealers and Filipino Muslim terrorists who had no problem ‘kidnapping individuals, killing individuals, and extorting them for ransom.”

Yee took envelopes full of cash to influence public policy, violated campaign contribution limit laws, and laundered money for a Chinese crime syndicate headed up by Shrimp Boy Chow. Yee’s fundraiser Keith Jackson was the go-between man.

Yee was arrested alongside a Chinese gangster, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, as part of an FBI public corruption investigation. Below is a 2012 ABC report about how Democrat politicians shoveled money and praise at “Shrimp Boy” despite his felonious past and shady connections.


Leland Yee and gun control


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The OTHER Noah movie

Noah–And the Last Days by Ray Comfort – Full Version [30:06]

Noah—And the Last Days produced by filmmaker Ray Comfort

This isn’t the Noah movie coming to theaters and starring Russell Crowe.

Comfort says that he and Crowe have two things in common: “We were both born in New Zealand, and neither of us can pronounce ark correctly (we skip the r). But the similarities end there.”

Comfort explains why Hollywood’s version may be bigger but believes his version is better.

“Hollywood’s is listed as ‘fantasy,'” Comfort states, “while ours is based on the truth. Theirs is entertainment that will cost you. Ours is life-changing and will be freely available on YouTube.”

I just finished watching it. It’s good!

About the Noah feature film with Russell Crowe

Mar 20, 2014: The Vatican is denying reports it agreed to a meeting between Pope Francis and actor Russell Crowe, who stars in the new movie, “Noah.” Carter Evans reports on the film and how some are concerned the story strayed a bit too much from the source.

Crowe’s attempt to lasso Pope Francis SICKENS me. Crowe tweeted Francis like they were best buds, then tweeted over and over about how he’d tweeted the pope. Then, Crowe went to one of the pope’s weekly public audiences and played that up to the press.

Was Francis expected to swoon like a certain POTUS at the attention and physical nearness of a Hollywood Celeb? Ooh Ahh?

Uh. No. Francis didn’t play along. See that pope? See that bad, bad pope? Spank that bad pope with a newspaper and many, many tweets, LYING about how he rudely canceled his meeting with Crowe.

Uh. No. There was no meeting on the pope’s schedule. A meeting was never talked about. A meeting was never planned. Ergo, a meeting could not be canceled.

Russell Crowe and company better watch their backsides. Pants on fire is a real thing for deceivers who refuse to repent.

Free e-book: I downloaded this, but haven’t printed or read it yet




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