Jan Schakowsky: Foot Soldier in the Democrat War on Women

2014_03 22 Schakowsky lies for Obamacare

Dana Loesch tweets in response to Schakowsky’s lie:

  • @janschakowsky How is it empowering to lie to us? Offensive to assume females are that stupid.
  • @janschakowsky Are you misleading women because you don’t know the law? Or is this a malicious lie? Which?
  • It represents women horribly for @janschakowsky to exploit them with propaganda. Women deserve better.
  • “Oh no! March 31 is coming and we are millions short of our goal! Better scare us up some wimmins to enroll!”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. No better way to honor women than by assuming they’re all idiots and will believe our healthcare lies.”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate women’s independence from men by making them pay for things we can buy ourselves.”


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