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Bury the dead

Bury the dead is the seventh in the traditional Catholic list of Corporal Works of Mercy.

  • The Corporal Works of Mercy: To feed the hungry; To give drink to the thirsty; To clothe the naked; To harbour the harbourless (offer hospitality to the homeless); To visit the sick (care for the sick); To ransom the captive (visit the imprisoned); To bury the dead.
  • The Spiritual Works of Mercy: To instruct the ignorant; To counsel the doubtful; To admonish sinners; To bear wrongs patiently; To forgive offenses willingly; To comfort the afflicted (sorrowful); To pray for the living and the dead.

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin based their Catholic Worker Movement on living out these precepts.

Bury the dead is based on this passage from the Book of Tobit:

In the days of Shalmaneser I had performed many charitable deeds for my kindred, members of my people. I would give my bread to the hungry and clothing to the naked. If I saw one of my people who had died and been thrown behind the wall of Nineveh, I used to bury him. Sennacherib returned from Judea, having fled during the days of the judgment enacted against him by the King of Heaven because of the blasphemies he had uttered; whomever he killed I buried. For in his rage he killed many Israelites, but I used to take their bodies away by stealth and bury them. So when Sennacherib looked for them, he could not find them. But a certain Ninevite went and informed the king about me, that I was burying them, and I went into hiding. When I realized that the king knew about me and that I was being hunted to be put to death, I became afraid and took flight. All my property was confiscated; I was left with nothing. All that I had was taken to the king’s palace, except for my wife Anna and my son Tobiah. (Tobit 1:16-20)

Burying the dead WITH RESPECT is God’s work. 

Whatever God wants us to do, SATAN PERVERTS.


2014_03 24 UK hospitals burn babies as trash



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So,how was your weekend? The disappearance of the Maylaysian jetliner is going into its third week. The networks are still going wall-to-wall with breaking news about….nothing. All this is to avoid having to say anything about Putin bitch-slapping the Magic Negro and the various and sundry atrocities perpetrated by the democrat party…and they are legion. Hopefully I can help you catch up. There is one link today that may be the most appalling I’ve ever posted. If I didn’t think it was of import I would not have included it.


Barky got in another round of golf yesterday before jetting off to the Netherlands for an emergency meeting of the G-7 powers to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It also affords him the chance to duck the media for another week.

Michelle is having a very nice time in China,thank you. She’s made so many outrageous statements I included a few links here so as not to use valuable space in the reply section.

Michelle: Barack ‘Has Dragged Me Kicking and Screaming Into Things that I Wanted No Parts Of’

Yeah,she really said that.


WATCH – MOOch During China Trip: Barack And I Welcome ‘Criticism’ From ‘Our Fellow Americans’
Unless you’re a republican,a Christian,or Little Sisters of the Poor
Except for Africa,South Africa,Spain,Copenhagen,Haiti,Germany and France… not including Martha’s Vineyard,Hawaii and Aspen. I wonder what it’s like to be able to tell such lies without flinching.
Beijing hotel workers already ‘fed up’ with Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot, $8,350-per-night suite inconveniencing ‘pretty much everyone’ – and the first lady’s mother is ‘barking at the staff’
The Queen Mother of Entitlement enjoying her position
Blissfully ignorant simian who proudly announced she’d voted for Obama 6 times in 2012 was released from custody after serving 10 months of a 5 year prison term thanks to pressure from a Soros-backed activist/terrorist group. A ‘welcome home’ party was thrown in her honor by race hustler extraordinaire Al Sharptongue,who knows a thing or two about fraud. There seems to be a pervasive culture that is learned by young minority-types that indicates it’s acceptable to lie,cheat and steal in order to get back at the hated whites who enslaved your ancestors.
No Justice Department Charges Against Ohio Woman Who Voted Six Times for Obama
Reichsfeuhrer Holder upholding justice for “his people.”
Six-time Obama voter’s group received Obama administration grant
When I first read about Dear Mellowese,I thought she was truly stupid enough to believe there was nothing wrong with voting multiple times.Turns out she’s no babe in the woods.

God’s Not Dead didn’t have a massive marketing budget, a liberal A-list star above the title or even the same number of screens most mainstream movies receive.


The film is still on pace to snare the fourth spot in the weekend’s box office chart in a very competitive frame.

What it had in its corner–a popular actor known for his work on TV’s Hercules, the presence of one of Duck Dynasty’s key stars and an unabashedly pro-faith message.

The film, which enjoyed a 18 percent bounce from Friday to Saturday, is slated to make between $8.6 and $8.9 million. Those figures are all the more impressive considering the film was shown on just 780 screens across the country.








smell like marijuana


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Jan Schakowsky: Foot Soldier in the Democrat War on Women

2014_03 22 Schakowsky lies for Obamacare

Dana Loesch tweets in response to Schakowsky’s lie:

  • @janschakowsky How is it empowering to lie to us? Offensive to assume females are that stupid.
  • @janschakowsky Are you misleading women because you don’t know the law? Or is this a malicious lie? Which?
  • It represents women horribly for @janschakowsky to exploit them with propaganda. Women deserve better.
  • “Oh no! March 31 is coming and we are millions short of our goal! Better scare us up some wimmins to enroll!”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. No better way to honor women than by assuming they’re all idiots and will believe our healthcare lies.”
  • “It’s Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate women’s independence from men by making them pay for things we can buy ourselves.”


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I’m a Firefly Fan Girl


FIREFLY God grant me Serenity


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We are saved by faith to works

The relationship between the free salvation offered by Jesus and the value of our own works has been confusing and dividing Christians for way too long. This InTouch Ministries Bible teaching by Dr. Charles Stanley clarifies the big picture beautifully.

Saturday, March 22, 2014: The Final Exam – Part 1

Do you remember when you came to your last year in high school and had final exams. When you finished you probably felt relief that it was the last one. And then maybe you went to college and the same thing happened. There is, however, one more exam-the final exam of how we invested our lives for Christ. Live to do well on the test.

To hear the rest, go to http://www.intouch.org/broadcast/today-on-radio and scroll down to the March 22 file and click on the arrow. The teaching is about 18 minutes long. You can pause and restart it without difficulties.

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Obama’s weakness bearing fruit for our enemies

  • Friday, March 21, 2014 – Russia formally annexed Crimea.
  • Saturday, March 22, 2014 – Russian troops stormed and captured a Ukrainian naval base at Novofedorivka and a Ukrainian airbase near Sevastopol.

2013 Obama Putin red lines toon

2009 Nobel and Ukraine by Terrell

2014_03 The Crimean Open



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