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Give the new Noah movie a big fat MISS

Reasons to NOT go:

  • It never mentions God.
  • It preaches rabid environmentalism.
  • Noah is portrayed as a drunk.
  • It mutates the first line of the Bible into “In the beginning there was nothing.”

For my money, the best Noah movie ever made was Evan Almighty, which was clearly a modern, somewhat comical fantasy, so didn’t mess with sacred text in any way. Yet it still managed to present God in a very appealing and respectful way while giving insights into the original Noah story that I’d never thought of before.

By contrast, check out what a pre-release review says about one aspect of the new Noah movie:

But by far the most startling apparition in this context are the Watchers, the so-called Nephilim, or fallen angels only glancingly mentioned in the Bible. Here they take the form of giant, ferocious-looking rock people (given great, gravelly voice by Nick Nolte, Mark Margolis and Frank Langella, no less) who not only come to Noah’s aid by doing the heavy lifting in building the ark but cut down, stomp on and otherwise decimate the hordes who eventually besiege the ark in hopes of climbing aboard at the last minute.

Rock people?? Nephilim were FALLEN angels!! Soooooooo (a) angels, not “rock people” and (b) enemies of God who wouldn’t HELP God’s people. Sheesh.

If you want to read a biblical Noah story with Nephilim, get Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle. It’s a wonderful science fiction fantasy story that is respectful of what is actually in the Holy Scriptures.


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