SC bar insults potential customers

2014_03 No guns in bar sign

Tweeters responded:

  • So, no off duty cops?
    • Backstreets considers all cops to be losers.
    • I’m sure that will go over well when they call 911.
  • Amazing that you would insult the ppl that could potentially save the lives of your patrons in the event of a robbery.
    • Trying to protect myself and my kids makes me a loser? To each his own.
    • I’ll take my Glock over your beer.
    • Way to alienate 37% of your potential customers.
  • “We the People” are happy to go elsewhere.
    • Notice how the Right doesn’t try to sue them for not wanting our business, just shops elsewhere?
    • Remember when the Left did that? Me neither.
  • Dear US Gun Owners, @BackstreetsPub in Clemson, SC, just called you douchebags.
    • On his Facebook, he called you mouth-breathing morons.
    • Well, yeah, but I’m so sure that he’s totally into respecting diversity. Or something.
    • I respect his right to self-identify as a moron.
    • A soon-to-be out of business moron.
  • If the sign said NO GAYS ALLOWED … national news and 24/7 protests.
    • Can I sue this place for refusing to serve me and my gun?
    • Nah. You can only sue him if he refuses to serve you and your gay lover.
    • What if I wanted a gun-shaped cake?
  • It was simply amazing to watch the pub’s Yelp ranking tank thirty minutes after this hit the web.
    • 3 reviews before vs. 273 reviews since.

No gun = No money


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