Obama Scandal Bracket

2014 Obama Scandal Bracket

Not gonna hold my breath for any of these to amount to anything. Not with the Democrat Media Complex fluffing Barry’s pillows (when they aren’t humping his leg). Here’s the latest from Obama’s Bridesmaids:

President Obama jumbled his facts when asked about “skyrocketing” premiums for people who get insurance through work. He was correct to say that, generally, the Affordable Care Act isn’t to blame for “skyrocketing” employer-sponsored premiums, but he made two dubious claims to back up his argument:

• Obama said “people forget that the average premium was going up 15% a year before the Affordable Care Act,” leaving the mistaken impression that he was talking about employer plans. That’s true of premiums in the individual insurance market — for people who buy their own insurance — but not of rates in the large employer market, which was the context of the conversation.

• The president also went a bit too far in saying that the only impact on employer plans was a requirement to offer a minimum set of benefits. Employer plans do face other new requirements, some of which have had a small impact on premiums.

“Jumbled his facts” … “mistaken impression” … “went a bit too far.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Remember when the intelligence communities of our own and dozens of other nations believed Saddam had WMDs and the U.S. Congress voted with Bush and the governments of those dozens of countries to invade Iraq because he posed such an immediate threat to world peace?

Remember when Obamacrats and their lapdog media turned that into “Bush Lied. People Died.”?

Yeah, me too.



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Pistol Pete nailed it.

    “Mr. President … you’ve been shown to be flaccid and totally clueless in the eyes of the world. How do you respond?”

    “As you can see, my picks for the final four are Arizona, Florida, Louisville and Michigan State.”

    “What are you doing to fix your disastrous ACA roll-out?”

    “I predict Michigan state will beat Louisville to win the national championship.”

    “Thank you for your time, Mr. President”