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Obamacrats act like teen-agers with Daddy’s credit card

In 2006, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Congressional Democrats accused Republicans of grossly irresponsible financial policy and promised that, if voters gave them control, they’d bring spending under control. Well, voters gave them control. Since January 2007, the Democrat majority has more than doubled the national debt.

2006 Pelosi New Direction speech

See more @ http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/total-public-debt-outstanding-is-now-more-than-2x-debt-held-by-the-public-is-now-more-than-2-5x-what-they-were-when-dems-took-control/


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Obama Scandal Bracket

2014 Obama Scandal Bracket

Not gonna hold my breath for any of these to amount to anything. Not with the Democrat Media Complex fluffing Barry’s pillows (when they aren’t humping his leg). Here’s the latest from Obama’s Bridesmaids:

President Obama jumbled his facts when asked about “skyrocketing” premiums for people who get insurance through work. He was correct to say that, generally, the Affordable Care Act isn’t to blame for “skyrocketing” employer-sponsored premiums, but he made two dubious claims to back up his argument:

• Obama said “people forget that the average premium was going up 15% a year before the Affordable Care Act,” leaving the mistaken impression that he was talking about employer plans. That’s true of premiums in the individual insurance market — for people who buy their own insurance — but not of rates in the large employer market, which was the context of the conversation.

• The president also went a bit too far in saying that the only impact on employer plans was a requirement to offer a minimum set of benefits. Employer plans do face other new requirements, some of which have had a small impact on premiums.

“Jumbled his facts” … “mistaken impression” … “went a bit too far.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Remember when the intelligence communities of our own and dozens of other nations believed Saddam had WMDs and the U.S. Congress voted with Bush and the governments of those dozens of countries to invade Iraq because he posed such an immediate threat to world peace?

Remember when Obamacrats and their lapdog media turned that into “Bush Lied. People Died.”?

Yeah, me too.



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Barry vs Vlad

2014_03 Barry vs Vlad

Community organizer vs KGB

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Choose Life

Steven Tyler forced her into a traumatic late-term abortion

Parents delighted they did not abort their disabled baby

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National Debt: On our way to $18 Trillion

2014_03 19 Debt - Half way to 18 T




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Posted by Pistol Pete

Our state held its primaries yesterday. The turnout was generally low. Cook County showed a voter turnout of 16%,12% of which were still alive.

Investment banker,Bruce Rauner,a self-made billionaire with 9 homes won the republican nomination. In a close race,dem Governor Pat Quinn won the nomination,running unopposed. He made it clear what the left’s tactic will be. In his victory speech,Quinn,the lying,tax-raising,union bitch-boy railed about HE didn’t have nine mansions and was never going to be part of the one per cent,all this to cheering supporters. I just hope Rauner doesn’t pull a Romney and start apologizing for working hard and making money. That’s all the liberals have to use.

Jim Oberweis,a self-funded candidate won the right to be cheated out of a US Senate seat by the despicable Dickless Dirtbag,who promptly tweeted his donors he needed their money to overcome this rich businessman. (Using some of the money he’s stolen after 36 years in office was out of the question.) Let the lies and fraud begin.











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Another shining example of Liberal Tolerance

An associate professor at University of California-Santa Barbara is facing vandalism, battery and robbery charges after stealing a sign from a Pro-Life display, then shoving the young women who tried to get her to give it back.

Her college web page says she teaches about “Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History.”

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Happpy! Happpy! Happpy!

Ten weeks ago, Mia Robertson had major cleft surgery. Tuesday, she went in for x-rays. The doctor cleared her for solid foods!

2014_03 18 Mia Robertson can chew again

Her mom (Missy Robertson) tweeted thanks for everyone’s prayers and “Now, where is the nearest @ChickfilA?!”



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