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The Bible says animals go to Heaven

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01 Do our pets go to Heaven when they die by Rev K Eickwort

02 Do our pets go to Heaven

03 Do our pets go to Heaven

04 Do our pets go to Heaven

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I love St. Patrick. I hate St. Paddy’s Day.

I’m 50% Irish, 100% Roman Catholic, and a Die Hard March 17th Grinch.  I don’t mean this to disrespect those of you who enjoy the day.  Last year, I just held my tongue cuz I also hate Political Correctness and all that “wahh I’m a victim” crap.  But damn.  This year, I want to say my piece … just this once.

SPECIAL APOLOGIES TO PISTOL PETE. I am not, Not, NOT bothered about your St. Paddy’s day post … or anyone else’s for that matter.  

Happy casual racism day

St. Patrick was a holy man who brought the Light of Christ to the Irish people who then contributed enormously to preserving civilization during the Dark Ages.

Did you know Patrick wasn’t even born in Ireland? When he was a teen-ager, he was kidnapped from his home in Britain by raiders who sold him into slavery in Ireland.  During his years in captivity, he learned the Irish language and customs. Years later, he escaped from his owner, made his way back to Britain and entered the priesthood. Ultimately, he returned to the land where he’d been enslaved in order to bring those he saw as the true slaves the truth about freedom in Jesus Christ.

If any of this is ringing any bells for you … try to imagine if Martin Luther King Day was celebrated primarily by Americans painting themselves up with black face make-up and hosting drunken parties featuring watermelon and fried chicken?

MLK Day - The Saint Paddy's Day racist version




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God always lights a candle in the darkness

2014_03 Original Bible survives fire

Today’s Our Daily Bread meditation by Dennis Fisher is so appropriate!

In 1927 the silent film Wings, a World War I film about two American aviators, won the first Academy Award for Best Picture.

When it was being filmed, production stopped for several days. Frustrated producers asked the director why. He responded:

“All we have is blue sky. The conflict in the air will not be as visible without clouds. Clouds bring perspective.”

He was right. Only by seeing aerial combat with clouds as a backdrop could the viewer see what was really going on.

We often wish for blue skies instead of storm clouds. But cloudy skies may reveal God’s faithfulness. We gain perspective on how God has been faithful in our trials as we look back on the clouds.

At the beginning of his terrible suffering, Job lamented:

“May the day perish on which I was born . . . . May a cloud settle on it” (Job 3:3-5).

His experience of despair continued for a long time until God spoke. Then Job exclaimed,

“I have heard of You . . . but now my eye sees You” (Job 42:5).

Job had encountered the sovereign Creator, and that changed his perspective on God’s purposes.

Do clouds of trouble fill your skies today?

Sooner than you think, God may use these clouds to help you gain perspective on His faithfulness.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

After my granddad retired,granny got so irritated having him underfoot when she was trying to do her housework,she advised him to find something to do or the consquences would be dire. He got a part-time job at a place called O’Keefe’s Tavern. He recalled how St. Patrick’s Day was like Christmas,New Years and July 4th rolled into one. Free corned beef and green beer can do that. They had a moose head that hung on the wall some 12 feet in the air. It disappeared once and ended up being returned after somebody sobered up and figured out where it came from. Fortunately we Swedes are a bit more reserved.




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