What we wish our leaders cared about

January 22, 2014: Quinnipiac Poll

What do you think should be the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?

(Note: This was an open-ended question, not a multiple choice question.)

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 18% responded “Healthcare”

Here are the responses as grouped and ranked by CtH:

48% = Economy worries and stuff the Feds are supposed to do (combined)

  • 16% Jobs/Unemployment
  • 15% Economy(General)
  • 12% Budget and Taxes (combined)
    • 4% Budget(General)
    • 3% Budget deficit
    • 2% Budget(Gov spending)
    • 1% Budget (Other)
    • 1% Taxes(General)
    • 1% Military Issues/Benefits
  • 2% Foreign Policy
  • 2% Immigration Issues
  • 1% Obama resign

36% = Social engineering stuff the Feds are NOT supposed to do (combined)

  • 18% Healthcare
  • 2% Education (General)
  • 1% Wages/Minimum Wage
  • 1% Income inequality
  • 1% Class inequality
  • 1% Social Issues/Social Services
  • 1% Gun Issues/Policy/Control
  • 1% Environment

24% = People who don’t pay enough attention to answer intelligently (combined)

  • 10% Other (less than 1% each)
  • 9% Don’t Know / No Answer
  • 4% Bipartisan/Cross party lines/ Coop to get things done
  • 1% Candidate cares about people

January 27, 2014: Pew Opinion Poll

Which of the following should Congress and the President make a top priority?

Note: This was NOT an open-ended question. Percents given were for those who says YES to top priority.

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 80% Strengthening the Economy

Issues more or less evenly split Republican vs. Democrat:

  • 80% Strengthening nation’s economy
  • 74% Improving job situation
  • 73% Defending against terrorism
  • 69% Improving education
  • 66% Securing Social Security
  • 63% Reducing budget deficit
  • 61% Securing Medicare
  • 59% Reducing health care costs
  • 55% Reducing crime
  • 55% Reforming the nation’s tax system
  • 45% Dealing with nation’s energy problem
  • 42% Reducing the influence of lobbyists
  • 41% Dealing with illegal immigration
  • 39% Improving infrastructure
  • 28% Dealing with global trade

Issues predominantly Democrat:

  • 49% Helping poor and needy
  • 49% Protecting environment
  • 29% Dealing with global warming

Issues predominantly Republican:

  • 43% Strengthening the military
  • 39% Dealing with moral breakdown



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3 responses to “What we wish our leaders cared about

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Article at Legal Insurrection about my district. Dearest has had run-ins with Robertson. According to him, she is a very bad person. IOW, she’s a blue-blooded Democrat who will lie, cheat, slander and steal to advance the party’s evil social engineering agenda.

    “In a region starving for jobs and losing our young people, Robertson has staked her candidacy on preventing the fracking job boom which has added over a quarter million jobs in Pennsylvania, which borders the NY-23 District. Heaven forbid the struggling Southern Tier of NY State should get to participate in that.”

    She has said, “In my heart of hearts, the very most important issue is climate change.”

    On the polls I just posted, climate change barely registered at all, much less when compared with jobs and healthcare.



    • In my heart of hearts, Robertson is a soulless buffoon. If your DH ever runs against her (or is involved in the campaign in any way), I hope he crushes her, so that she has to move to Saudi Arabia and try to convince them to give up oil production.


  2. Ting

    If we had a coherent opposition party, there is a lot of fertile ground there. The right person with the right message could run circles around Hillary. I just don’t believe that is what the big shot GOP guys even wants anymore.