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The latest sign of the End Times

As gay marriage is being more widely accepted and legalized, the number of people demanding the right to have other forms of unions called “marriage” increases. Polygamy isn’t legal yet, but these people won a case that is a stepping stone to that end.

2013_12 Sister wives win case

Human-animal marriage also isn’t legal anywhere in the world, but that didn’t stop this woman from throwing a romantic bash for 200 to celebrate her love and devotion for her dog.

2014_03 Brit marries her dog

It gets weirder. In November of last year, Floridian Linda Ducharme married a ferris wheel named Bruce. She gushed about her new hubby: “I got this weird feeling I can’t explain. My heart was pounding as we went up the platform and got on the ride. I felt like I was being taken by this ride. Bruce is my world, I think about him constantly, it just completely feels right when I’m with Bruce.”

Human-object marriage isn’t legal either, but people who have the hots for inanimate objects do have a support group.

OS Internationale

Years ago, I read that all of this was the expectable and, in fact, intended outcome of the gay marriage agenda.  The argument made sense to me, because I had seen how the people who were pushing for gay marriage were the SAME people who despised marriage.

  • “It’s just a piece of paper.”
  • “This is my lover. We’re NOT married.”

They want to make “marriage” mean so many things that it ends up meaning nothing at all. Then, they can push to have it abolished altogether.

  1. Satan hates whatever God loves.
  2. Marriage is ordained by God.
  3. Therefore, the Left wants marriage destroyed.

1 Timothy 4:1-3 “Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the last times some will turn away from the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demonic instructions through the hypocrisy of liars with branded consciences. They forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.”



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More fall-out from the ObamaDoesn’tCare Act

They told him BEFORE the procedures that they took his insurance. Then they decided they didn’t and sent him a giant bill.

H/t Pistol Pete

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“I have resigned from CBS”

On Monday, CBS News reporter Sharyl Atkisson sent out a simple tweet saying, “I have resigned from CBS.”

Atkisson was one of the few reporters on a major news network willing to do any kind of serious investigative reporting on the Obama Administration.

Among other things, she’s dared to report on Fast and Furious and Obama’s lies about Benghazi.

Politico reported that Attkisson left because she was sick of the network giving her crap about reporting on stories that made Obama look bad.




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Multi-colored tulips

Mama Buzz split white tulip stems and put them into different glasses of colored water. Twenty-four hours later, they were GORGEOUS. What a lovely Easter bouquet this would make!

2014_03 08 L split white tulip stems, put in colored water

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One more week of non-stop political ads on TV and radio until I can proudly exercise my rights as a citizen to go and cast an intelligent,informed vote to cancel out one of the winos that the union thugs grab from homeless shelters and drive to various polling places to vote for the ‘D’ for a pack of cigarettes. Lord knows how much longer we’ll be allowed free elections…they stopped being fair long ago.

What the hell….they be free


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The myth of the bloody hanger

1959 Hang up the hangers

“In 1957, there were only 260 deaths in the whole country attributed to abortions of any kind.”

“Illegal Abortion as a Public Health Problem” by Dr. Mary Calderone.

Am J Public Health Nations Health. Jul 1960; 50(7): 948–954.


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