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Lenten Journey: March 6

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First,prayers of thanks to Almighty God for keeping Shalini and her tiny miracle in His loving hands. Amen.

This is from Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

Ohh…look… the Left is Insulted Again.

Well, interestingly, it was patriotic to burn Bush in effigy right outside his own friggin’ ranch; but if you even hold up a picket sign with Obama’s face on it, you are branded a racist extremist.
It was seen as patriotic to throw jars of piss as the president’s car when it was Bush, but if you protest an Obama policy, then you are put on a watch list.
It was seen as the height of intellectual activity to stand naked in a cage and pour oil or fake blood all over yourself, or to rip the flags from VFW posts and burn them in the street when Bush was in office. But if you wear a tri-corn hat to a rally these days, you are assumed a racist and a potential terrorist.
So, please excuse me if I question the suddenly found nobility of the left and self-proclaimed moderates who said nothing while businesses were trashed, while the president was busy attempting to race bait us all into a civil war, or his operatives were fueling that complete lie that was Occupy.
Please forgive me if having watched the behavior of the left for the last 16 years, turn into a mild reminiscence of Planet of the Apes, while the right is increasingly demonized and criminalization all the way to the point of the abuse of regulatory law, causes me to feel a little flash of bile in my throat.
The Left has always been the epitome of panty-waisted, butt hurtedness. No matter what time period it is, they’re always crying and wailing. Either they bitch because they’re not in power and being oppressed or they are in power and crying like feminist supporting, domestic violence abused girly-men because someone with a free mind dares to question their hypocritical lunacy.
Once you start viewing them for what they really are—little more than failed rodeo clowns—they aren’t near as aggravating.


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One of these men

Obama vs Star Wars

For more snarky goodness,


Put your beverages down before scrolling through the pictures. You’re welcome.

One of these men


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“Society has turned its back on Christ,” says this former Neo-Nazi

This man’s testimony is amazing! He has some really great insights about today’s cultural decay. The video portion is just two guys talking, so you can just listen while you get dumb stuff done.

The Journey Home – 2014-2-3- Joseph Pearce [56:11]



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The indisputable Pro-Choice argument


In his recent blog “I am afraid of this indisputable pro-choice argument”, Matt Walsh responds to an email that claims to blow his Pro-Life position out of the water.

Rachel emailed to him, “If you had the guts or the brains you’d try to respond to the most important abortion rights argument … bodily autonomy or bodily integrity. This means that we have the final jurisdiction over our own bodies. … A fetus must survive on a woman’s body so the woman has a right to withdrawal her consent and her body at any time. This is the pro-choice argument that no anti-choice fanatic … especially one as stubborn and simpleminded as you … could ever possibly dispute.”

Matt responds with ten points that are so logical and clear, I must only refer you to the original. To whet your appetite, here is a quick sample of his snarky wit and his ten talking points:

Dear Rachel,

You’re right. You win. I have no response. I can’t think of any reason why you’re wrong about any of the points you raised.

Well, I can’t think of any reason — except for, like, ten reasons.

  1. Relationships are relevant.
  2. Situations are relevant.
  3. Your own argument defeats itself.
  4. Natural order matters.
  5. Withdrawing life support is nothing like actively killing a healthy unborn child.
  6. You must allow pregnant women to do whatever they please, no matter how it may harm her unborn child.
  7. You must allow abortion at every stage of development.
  8. You must allow people to abandon or murder any child that makes unpleasant demands on them.
  9. You must allow a range of other offensive and dangerous behaviors, like men who want to masturbate in front of chilren at a playground.
  10. We are not autonomous beings. We live in a complex society that requires us to use our bodies in many ways. If you concede that we ought to be expected or even required to do certain things, then you are placing limits on our bodily autonomy.

If you place limits on our bodily autonomy, then you are admitting that limits can be placed on our bodily autonomy. Personally, I think that abortion goes well beyond the limits on bodily autonomy, for all of the reasons I’ve previously stipulated.

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