Shutdown Reality Check

Last October, Republicans wanted a continuing resolution that would fund everything but Obamacare and Democrats said, “Hell no! NOTHING is going to stop us from imposing Obamacare on the country. NOTHING.”

Rather than separating Obamacare out of the budget so we could have renewed debate, Obamacrats forced a government shutdown. Then they and their lapdog media blamed it on the stubborn, narrow-minded Republicans who wanted to fund everything right now, if we could just take a breath and TALK ABOUT Obamacare.

And then … just to make sure that the shutdown was as conspicuous and onerous as possible … Obama ordered the park service to shut everything … even scenic overlooks and open-air war memorials that are normally wide open 24-7.

Remember all that? Yeah, me too. Wanna take a stab at how much moolah the government saved by closing the parks? The answer is worse than nothing. The Interior Department just issued a report saying those 16 days of politically motivated b.s. COST taxpayers $414 million in lost revenue.

And for what? So Democrats wouldn’t have to TALK ABOUT Obamacare? Hmmm … let me think what’s happened on THAT front since October.

How much will Ocare cost you

2014_02 28 Healthcare cancellations

On Sunday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was guest host on ABC’s This Week. When asked whether she and the other Democrat leaders had been misled by Obama’s oft-repeated statement that Americans would be able to keep their plans in the individual insurance market, Gillibrand answered, “No, we all knew.” Then, she added that the point of Obamacare was “covering things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy.”

In other words, Democrats always intended Obamacare to be a tool for engineering society and redistributing wealth. And they consider those goals so important that they were fine with whatever they had to do to make it happen, including lying, lying, and … oh yeah … lying.


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  1. Ting

    I just hope that they will extend the individual policies like they are rumored to be doing. Every month I get to keep mine is a good month.