Really GOOD stuff here for Catholic and Non-Catholic Christians

I love God, my church and my fellow non-Catholic Christians. My point here is not to convince or convert anyone to Catholic doctrine. However, I am very interested in reducing anti-Catholic prejudice. I’ve had some experience with this and I’ve found it is entirely possible for non-Catholic Christians to come to understand and accept that Catholic doctrine is biblical, even if it isn’t what they themselves believe. That’s all I’m hoping for here.

The Journey Home – 2014-3-3 – Gary Michuta

The host of EWTN’s “The Journey Home” is a former Presbyterian minister who converted to Catholicism. This week’s guest is a lifelong lukewarm Catholic who woke up to the faith he was born into by the questions of an anti-Catholic co-worker. Their first half hour of discussion is really interesting and should be informative without ruffling any feathers regardless of your denominational background.

The second half hour gets into why Catholics reject Sola Scriptura, why our Bible has more books, and some other good stuff. If that’s going to piss you off, just listen to the first half. If you are a Catholic who doesn’t know and/or a Protestant who would be interested in understanding our beliefs on these topics, I hope you’ll find time to listen. These two guys are very gentle, intelligent and faith-filled people who know their stuff.


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2 responses to “Really GOOD stuff here for Catholic and Non-Catholic Christians

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I love where the guest says (about 50:00), “If you don’t know Jesus, what’s the point?” Yeah!


  2. I’ll have to watch this later– I love TJH! Always very educational!